Decorating With Crystals: Trendy Or Worth It?


You know good vibes when you feel them. You also know when there’s something just not right. It’s your gift as a holistic interior designer to be able to sense energy and to help shift the energy through your services.

Of course, that can feel like a daunting task if you’ve got no idea how exactly you’re supposed to shift the energy in a home. One easy way to do this is to consider decorating with crystals.

How Imbalance Happens In Our Lives

Imbalance happens within us for various reasons like indulging in bad habits, not resolving emotional issues, our beliefs, our thoughts, and our words. These problems create disturbances within our etheric body that eventually manifest within the physical body because emotional problems equal energy imbalance.

Many of these life-shifting events will manifest as physical ailments but the root cause is a blocked flow of energy in one or more of the chakras within the body. When you can identify what chakra is the origin of the pain you can realign it to alleviate the energy blockage you were experiencing and therefore eliminate the pain and suffering.

Beyond physical and emotional issues that can affect energy, your energy is being affected daily by electromagnetic pollution. This pollution is caused by electric technology that creates an electromagnetic field. 

Electromagnetic fields are everywhere, but invisible to the human eye. A field extends up, down, and everywhere and can be measured.

There are natural electric fields can build up, for instance after a thunderstorm.

The EMF that builds up without the help of nature are found in power lines, radios, MP3 players, Wi-Fi, cell phones, microwave ovens, overhead fluorescent lighting, televisions, and personal computers to name a few.

EMF disrupts organic energy frequencies within our bodies and is hazardous to our health. It can affect your nervous system, endocrine system, immune system and can affect your cellular structure.

While EMFs and other harmful energy are around us all of the time, that’s not to discount how the psychological components can take their toll on our lives.

Incorporating healing energies within our environments is necessary to support the health and wellness of the individual so they can have a happy life.

Sometimes, furniture and accessories must be considered for the energy it brings into the home. which leads me to the psychometry. 

Psychometry + Interior Design

Psychometry states that objects and places that we encounter, including furniture have an energy impression from others who owned the item or spent time in a space. Because energy cannot be destroyed, it has taken another form which then leads to others, who come into contact or later on own that item, to experience another’s unique energy.

Typically you’ll see psychics using this technique where they will hold the watch of a deceased person and tell something about the experiences of the person that used to wear that watch.

Everything contains energy; wood, glass, metal, stone, and crystals contain information imprinted by others. That information is data that we can sense which makes a home feel a certain way. We can be seen as a radio and we tune into that frequency.

Now, the Stone Tape theory is the speculation that during emotional or traumatic events that energy can be projected in the form of energy and "recorded" into the material and "replayed" under certain conditions.

All of it relates to retrieving data from these objects that hold the energy of others.

If you accept the premise that everything has energy, then you must also accept that everyone lives in a symbiotic relationship with their home. There is energy in every corner of a home overlapping and colliding all the time. Because energy is not static, we are in a constant state of going in and out of balance.

Which brings me back to psychometry and the Stone Tape theory. I think it holds a valid place in how we approach interior design. Not all the energy within a home may be associated with ghosts, residual energy or life shifting events, but there are constant waves of ever-shifting energy present in all spaces. Empty or filled, new or old. 

So, if psychometry and the Stone Tape Theory are true (scientist call it pseudoscience at the moment, but there are a lot of things they can't explain so there's that) then I firmly believe it's an important aspect of interior design that needs to be addressed by the holistic design community.

How Does Decorating With Crystals Help?

There are about 4,500 different crystals that have been documented so far. Each crystal is made up of different elements (their molecular composition), the size of the crystal, the color determine their specific healing properties.

As humans, we are very susceptible to entropy wherein the multiple vibrational rates within our body can get out of whack easily. Our bodies run better when they are a finely tuned machine but we can be thrown into disorder.

It could be that someone said something that upset us, it could be that we’ve caught a cold, it could be that a lot of different things. We have to put work into maintaining our “good vibe” or our frequencies.

So because these very stable solids, crystals, have a fixed repeating molecular pattern that is geometrically perfect they have a precise vibrational rate they entrain the energy that is around them. They reduce entropy and help to entrain our frequency to harmonize with their precise and stable energy that increases our health.

When we are surrounded by higher vibrations, brought to a home through crystals and color healing we can move into resonance with it.

Crystals are tools that allow us to treat the energetic system that if not treated results in the physical body’s expression of some type of dis-ease in a positive way with a goal of bringing the body back into a state of balance from our heads to our toes.

How To Get Started Decorating With Crystals?

You can use crystals in a grid or you can place them in a home just like an accessory. You can select according to their color.

You may also find that you want to place specific crystals in certain rooms according to the chakras that have been identified as out of balance.

The key to decorating with crystals is the intention.

Intention setting is important. Sometimes this is referred to as programming a crystal.

Intentions are set when placing crystals for the type of healing you wish to take place. While crystals, speaking in a scientific matter, will do their mojo, when you set an intention while using crystals these are visual reminders are the intention that you set.

And this is really more about the person than the crystal. The crystal will do its work but it can be a helpful way to have the client set the intention when you choose the crystals you'll be putting in the home.

With a crystal grid, you are setting a specific intention with a specific “end date”.

When you place crystals in the home you may not have a goal that needs to be accomplished by a certain date but you may want a crystal to support something else such as raising the vibe or reducing the effects of EMFs.

However you choose to start going about decorating with crystals, you will want to start learning the basics about crystals, their healing properties and correlate that to your client's needs before you decide on the placement. And make sure that your client is on board with being a part of this process.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. The information on my website is derived from research, intuition and tradition which may not be verified by scientific methods, nor advocated by government agencies such as the FDA. Working with crystals is a part of a holistic treatment plan. Crystals, rocks and minerals aren't meant to replace standard medical or psychological treatment. Please consult a licensed healthcare specialist for your personal health issues.

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