Crystals I Use To Stay Focused On A Project

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Ever have those times where you know you need to get something done but you’d much rather binge-watch something on Netflix or listen to another podcast?

We all have those moments and I think it is because the creative mind seems to have two modes. Do the creative things or resist all the things that aren’t creative.

Here’s the down side to being creative - your head is in the clouds a lot of the time and if you don’t come back to earth sometime you’re going to find yourself feeling forgetful and unable to focus. This is usually because you’ve remained ungrounded for way too long.

Because there are times when we need to do those things that aren’t fun but necessary, I am sharing with you my powerhouse trio of crystals that I use to get shit done. Be warned, though. You may find that these crystals may have you becoming a workaholic, seriously.

Adamite - The Crystal Booster

Adamite prevents interruptions, perfect for when you’ve got no time to get distracted by shit that doesn’t matter at the moment. Also helps you to switch gears from being Passive to Polly into Active Annie mode in no time.

This crystal is also help you activate the left-brain thinking so we can focus on the task at hand, even if it is doing the bookkeeping. *Note: It contains trace amounts of arsenic, so wash your hands after handling.

Hematite - The Bring You Back To Earth Crystal

Hematite is a stone that I use all the time for grounding energy, because for us creative types, our minds are in the clouds a lot of the time (and it’s wonderful). But, when we need to come back down to Earth, this is the stone you’ll want.

Hematite is also great for when you feel like your brain has a hundred browser tabs open all at once and you need to focus because a million and one ideas racing around all at once is so no bueno.

Vanadinite - The Ultimate Get Shit Done Crystals

Vanadinite brings in some creative manifesting juice, but this also gives you the extra push to power through and get the work done. If you’re experiencing a writing block or feel like you can’t get yourself organized to even get started, this is the stone for you.

I like to think of it like Crystal Coffee helping you to organize and achieve your goals.

This is the crystal that will turn on your workaholic mode and that is why you’re going to need to be careful when you have this crystal on your desk. When you need to chill out, and let off the gas pedal this is the buddy that needs to be taken away from your energy torus.

More Crystals For Focus

Malachite will help you with making decisions which can be a big roadblock in getting your work done.

Fluorite is great for doing research as it is known to help you concentrate deeply as your organize your thoughts.

Sodalite for upping your understanding of the task at hand and it another stone to keep yo grounded.

How To Use Crystals For Focus

Place this trio of stones together on your desk and let the magic happen. When these crystals are just sitting next to you, your energy will entrain with those and you’ll be focused and getting shit done in no time.

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