I know you. You don’t fit the mold of the typical interior designer.

You’re a mother-effing woo-woo visionary ready to answer the calling to change people’s lives, one home (and sage bundle) at a time.

But growing your holistic interior design business hasn’t been as easy as you thought it would be.

My life’s work is to be your design biz bestie that I wish I could’ve turned to when I was growing my design business. Unfortch for me, nobody was sharing their “secrets”. And can I get real for a minute?

Fake smiles, power suits and acting like a “professional” (aka don’t ever curse) wasn’t my bag.

I'll help you:

Get unapologetic about woo-woo design biz

so that you can

Attract soul clients who need your intuitive design skills

so you can

Build a sacred business that you can run from anywhere in the world.



Hola! I’m Alycia.

Listen, I’m pretty sure that you’re ready to wake up every fucking day feeling focused, organized and ready to take on the damn world. But it’s not happening exactly how you thought it would.

And because I’m kiiiiinda an expert at this whole creating-a-killer-interior-design-biz thing - because I’ve done it for myself and countless clients - I know it can be a serious struggle without the right strategy, tools and support.

So… welcome. To your new favorite obsession my website and the community of designers here that keep it real. :)

I believe you CAN and SHOULD make this dream a reality because you’re damn good at what you do – and to NOT share that with the world would be batshit crazy. Right? Right.

Head over to the blog for tips and advice or join the Society where you can get access to me, a community and online classes to help you grow this business of yours. Help is just a click away!