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I’m Alycia and I’m here to be your design biz bestie that I wish I could’ve turned to when I was growing my design business. Unfortch for me, nobody was sharing their “secrets”. And can I get real for a minute? 

Fake smiles, power suits and acting like a “professional” (aka don’t ever curse) wasn’t my bag.

So here I am, as real as they come and ready to help you grow your design business in a way that truly matters. It’s not about the degrees, the accolades or the any of the other superficial bullshit… it’s about helping you to use your gifts in an impactful way that creates meaningful change in your life and the lives of your clients.



What’s inside?

Holistic Interior Design

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Discover Holistic Interior Design

  • Learn why holistic interior design matters and why incorporating it into your business can rewarding for both you and your clients.

  • Discover the different modalities of holistic interior design that you may want to explore more deeply.

  • What may shock you about marketing a holistic interior design business.

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eDesign Business Tips

Get Smart Interior Design Business Tips

  • Advice for those who are looking to launch, add or grow their online interior design business.

  • Why your website is super important to your success and what kinds of services that you may want to add

  • The software you should be checking out and seeing if it is a right fit for you

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Interior Design Marketing

The Basics of Marketing Interior Design

  • Why your brand is KEY to growing your visibility

  • How you can get seen online and stand out from the competition

  • The crucial thing you must incorporate into your marketing plan

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Work With Me

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Join me in the Society where I share everything about growing a successful eDesign business inside our community.

Whether I’m sharing new ideas, helping you to see something in a new way or giving personalized feedback. I’m here to help you grow.

What will you find inside?

  • 🎓 In-depth training: Get instant access to the extensive course library, digital file cabinet and Q+A call archives.

    📐Templates + exclusive year-round discounts: Templates, checklists and an exclusive discount for members.

    👯Supportive community: Feedback and personalized guidance from Alycia to keep you on track and moving forward!


"Alycia made me realize my dreams had the potential to become a reality."

Claire B.