A Room-by-Room Guide To Choosing Crystals For Your Clients

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Ever watch "Wheel of Fortune" and wonder why every contestant on the show introduces everyone with the most vomit-worthy adjectives? They always have a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, a smart son, the sweetest mother-in-law on the planet and a wise grandfather that gives the audience a shit-eating grin with his massive chompers?

Compare that to walking into a client's home, and you're starting to get the lay of the land. At first, the wife seems like a chick you might have a couple of glasses of wine with until you realize all is not as it appears.

Congratulations!  You're going to be their decor therapist. 

You're going to hear about their stupid husband, slutty teenage daughter, the car-stealing son, the nutty mother-in-law who doesn't drink diet Pepsi anymore because she heard it's flavored with cat's nipples. And Grandpa? He is crazier than a shithouse rat.

This project and probably every other project you've ever been on has been more about the people, than the actual design. You've got to listen more than you talk and read between the lines. 

Now is your time to start making notes and finding ways to raise the vibe in their home. You tell your new client that you've got a few things up your sleeve to help chill this home out. 

Entry: Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is excellent for absorbing bad vibes right at the entrance to the home. Perfect for when one of those surly teenagers comes into the house with their annoying attitude walks in "all woke" and shit. 

Place it by the front door on the floor.

Living Room: Fluorite

When the whole family is annoying each other in the living room, it's time to get the Fluorite. Fluorite is good for rooms where groups of people and allows people to focus on the situation at hand. 

Place it on a coffee table.

Bed Room: Rose Quartz

Since it's probably been ages since your client had a good roll in the hay with her stupid husband, rose quartz is going to be bringing sexy back in a big way for the couple. 

Place it on the nightstand.

Home Office: Aragonite

Because your client works from home, she needs something to help her do her best work while the heathens are out of the house during the day. She'll need aragonite to help her organize her thoughts and increase her patience.

Place it on the desk.

Kitchen: Shungite

The kitchen is EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation central.  To counteract the EMF pollution, you'll want lodestone or magnetite. They are mostly the same stone but lodestone is naturally magnetized, and magnetite isn't.

Place it near the microwave.

While these aren't the only crystals that you can use, you'll be able to find these easily as they are very common. 

Best part? Even if your client's crazy ass family doesn't buy into the whole crystal thing, they'll work anyway while looking beautiful.

Take your interior design business from hot mess to hotness.

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