The Secret Energies Affecting The Vibes At Home

The Secret Energies Affecting The Vibes At Home.png

What if every home has a memory? What if every highly emotional event within the home was recorded within the natural elements used to create the home? Or even within the furniture?

Now, before you give me the side-eye or wonder how fucking drunk I am right now, I want you to pause and suspend disbelief for a moment. 

There is a theory called the "Stone Tape Theory". I, of course, heard about this theory while watching "Ghost Adventures," because we all know how obsessed I am with paranormal stuff. 

The Theory surmises that natural items - stone, rocks, crystals (I'm going to add wood and water to this theory) can record moments of the occupant's life that were highly emotional or traumatic. Then these items, under certain conditions, will replay these memories. 

It's a similar notion to psychometry that if you've watched the Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry, he will hold onto an object and get information from the deceased person who owned the item. 

I personally think all things in nature have some type of conscious... While a rock isn't sitting in a desert contemplating life itself, at a micro-level it does have a predictable vibration in the way that its atoms and molecules are in motion. That, in a way, is what it is consciously focusing on.

I know, I'm starting to sound a wee-bit looney here, but there are some people interested in exploring this theory that everything has some level of consciousness. 

So, if the Stone Tape Theory is true (scientist call it pseudo bullshit at the moment, but there are a lot of things they can't explain so there's that) then I firmly believe it's an important aspect of interior design that needs to be addressed by the holistic design community.

Energy within the home must be addressed

If you accept the premise that everything has energy, then you must also accept that everyone lives in a symbiotic relationship with their home. There is energy in every corner of a home overlapping and colliding all the time. 

The energy of the home can be affected by where it is located and by the contents of the home... furniture, accessories, colors, technology, light, air quality, smells, and people.

The antique dresser could have absorbed many memories and energies for decades, or even longer. Many families could have owned it and not all the families were of the same state of mind. On the flip side the Ikea bookcase, being assembled in a factory back in 2011 could have been affected by the unhappy workers. Now someone could have one of those pieces in their home and it's affecting the energy of the space. 

Imagine someone wanted to give you a painting from a serial killer. Would you take it and hang it on the wall? Probably not... because you don't want any of the evil energy in your sacred space. 

Which brings me back to the Stone Tape Theory. I think it holds a valid place in how we approach interior design. Not all the energy within a home may be associated with ghosts, residual energy or life shifting events, but there are constant waves of ever-shifting energy present in all spaces. Empty or filled, new or old. 

The energies within homes can't be ignored any longer. Homes are a mirror of our souls that shouldn't be treated as spiritless spaces that are the norm on HGTV or built in every new cookie-cutter neighborhood.