Create An Altar In Your Home Office (Even If You Don't Think You're That Woo-Woo)


Create an altar in your home office? Totes, dude.

I created an altar in my home office on accident. How's that for serendipity?

Last year as I was decorating my home office I only had a few things that I consciously wanted.

Black walls? Check.

Pink rug? Check.

Mirrored Console Table? Check.

That mirrored console that sits behind my desk was only intended to store paper and miscellaneous office supplies. And yet now it serves me in a larger way.

During this time I also got re-interested in crystals. I always liked them, but now was interested in them for healing purposes.

This is when my altar was created. As I bought more crystals and candles, they naturally ended up on the console behind my desk. 

The purpose of your altar is up to you, but I use mine for a couple different purposes. Mine is to remind me that this is my sacred space and to take time daily for prayer and meditation.

Your altar doesn't have to be elaborate or large, but I think it is important to create a sacred space to meditate on the purpose of your day, how you want to serve others and the higher purpose you're here to live. 


3 Simple Tips To Create An Altar In Your Home Office

  1. Find a spot in your home that won't be disturbed. This is your altar and you don't want to pack it up at the end of every day. Remember it doesn't have to be a big spot. A spot of the bookshelf could work, too. You just want a spot in your home that you will see every day, a spot you can get to and take a moment at.

  2. Select a piece of fabric or even a mirrored tray as the base boundary for your altar to contain your sacred pieces.

  3. Add your sacred items. Some of my favorite items to include on my altar are candles, crystals, and incense.

My Home Office Altar Picks

Here are a few of my favorite picks when you create a home office altar: An image or prayer to focus you on your purpose

  • a mirrored tray

  • a tapestry for the wall (if you have space)

  • a Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • a Smudge Kit

  • a couple candles

  • some crystals

  • an incense holder

  • incense

Once you have created an altar in your home office, use it. Spend 15 minutes a day in prayer or meditation and set your intention for the day.

Taking this time to quiet your mind and let inspiration come will be one of the most important practices you can incorporate into your business and life.

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