Training Currently Available Inside The Society

Validate Your Design Biz Idea In 30 Days
Learn how to validate if your design business has potential before you waste a lot of time and money on something that no one wants to buy.

Start A Design Business
In Designer DNA, we go over everything you could ever want to learn about starting a kick ass, money-making interior design empire.

Your Signature Design Process
Learn how to translate your knowledge and expertise into a signature design process that positions you as the expert you already are.

Client Onboarding Process
Create your own client onboarding process so each client has the same experience and automate parts of the process to save time.

Easy SEO
Learn how to find and use keywords on your website to attract organized traffic online. Workbook included.

8 Way To Market Your Design Business Online
Learn some places that you can market your design business online to grow your visibility to attract more clients.

SEO 2018
The SEO updates that you must be aware of that will help you attract quality leads through search engines.

Setting Goals
Making goals that are achievable and ways to measure the results of your efforts.

Make Your Website Look More Professional
Easy to implement tips to attract your dream clients so you can scale your design business. 

Attract Dream Clients
I’m sharing proven strategies to attract awesome clients and double your sales in this eight-part video series. 

Write A Sales Pages That Sells
Discover why you need a sales page for every offer and a cheat sheet to get you started.

Autoresponders To Turn Leads Into Clients
How to effectively use Autoresponders to turn leads into clients plus samples email template ideas to inspire your sales funnel.

Kick Ass On Instagram
Learn how to set up your profile, what and how often to post, what hashtags to use plus an eBook to get you on the right track.

Pinterest 411
The essential tips and tricks to get more traffic and clients from Pinterest. 

Be A Batching Badass
Learn how to get more done in your business when setting up days for you to batching your tasks. Plus a bunch of ideas of tasks and the steps to get more done including blogging, image creation, writing your newsletter, admin tasks.

Create A Media Kit
What a media kit is and why you may want one for your design business. I’ll show you the information you need to include, where to find that data and how to create your own media kit.

Empathy Map Exercise
This exercise will allow you to deeply connect with your ideal clients in a super simple way.

Make The Sale Every Time
In this masterclass we’re going over the entire sales process from getting their attention on your sales page to having the conversation that closes the deal. PLUS you get a script to use for the sales conversation and how to handle their objections like a pro.

Tracking Your Business Numbers
I’ll show you how to use a spreadsheet (included) to document your sales as well as your business numbers like your subscribers and fans to see easily where you need to focus in your business. 

Designed Day Schedule
Manage your schedule + cut the overwhelm


Pinterest Potion
Learn how to grow your website’s traffic with this easy to follow Pinterest Potion.

Blogging 101
Learn how to set up the categories, finding inspiration, how I create my blog posts and the blogging formulas you will want to use.

How To Use Google Adwords
See how easy it is to use Google Adwords to reach new clients.

Hiring An Assistant
When you're ready to hire an assistant here's what you need to do before and after you hire them.

Squarespace Basics
Get your Squarespace up and running with this easy to follow tutorial.

Tailwind Overview
Tailwind overview on how to use it for scheduling your Pinterest + Instagram account posts.

Wordpress 101 Course
Learn how to setup your Wordpress website from scratch and use it without the need of some nerd boy.

Affiliate Sales
Markups are dead and now is the day of making more money with affiliate links. I’ll show you how a popular designer is making money with affiliates and how you can do the same thing for your business. I also share with you the most popular affiliate link companies you can sign up with. 

Design Files
Learn about Design Files and if it’s something you’ll want to use in your design business.

Recurring Income Without A Website
Learn the overview of why a membership website is costly and how to create recurring income without a membership website. 

Create Mood Boards
Learn how to create design mood boards

How To Create A Quiz
Learn how to create a quiz for your website to grow your email list.

Create A Facebook Group
Why you may want to create a free Facebook group for your business, how to set it up, how to get people to join it and how to sell to your members.

Create Your Designer Brand
You’ll learn how to come up with the concept for your visual brand and create the graphical elements for your brand, including creating a color palette, a logo, pairing fonts, creating advertisements and more.

Facebook Ads 2018 Update
Learn how to create and target your Facebook ads to online and local clients.

Facebook Live Stream Videos
Learn how to use Facebook Live Stream videos including how to make your videos do more for your business.

How To Create Pinnable Pinterest Images
Learn how to create eye-catching images that get pinned and repinned on Pinterest that bring you traffic and clients.

How To Sell Services + Products On Facebook
Learn how to sell products and services directly from your Facebook business page to bring in extra revenue.

Increase Your Facebook Engagement
Learn how to increase engagement on your Facebook business page and what types of posts work best. You’ll also get a sample schedule for posting to your Facebook page.

Jaw Dropping Headlines
Learn the formula to get your blog posts read and shared by using jaw-dropping headlines that create curiosity. 

Webinar Playbook
The formula to create and host a successful webinar that attracts new clients.


$10K Months On Repeat
I’m sharing with you how to bring in $10k per month with passive income streams, including the mistakes to avoid, taking payment, how you go about creating various offers including writing an eBook, creating a video and a membership website. PLUS how to sell a shit ton of anything including a launch formula and sales funnel overview.

100K Formula
How to track your monthly income with goals with an easy to use spreadsheet (included) and the formula to achieve $100k per year in your business.

Nail Down Your Blogging Workflow
Learn the difference between categories and tags, how to plan out your content in advance and how to optimize your own blog post to get more traffic. Plus get a Bonus Blog Post Cheat Sheet to use with every post and 60 Blogging Ideas that will give you weekly blog posts for a year. 

Finding + Selecting Stock Photos
Discover the best free and paid stock photo websites that you can use to find images for your blog and website.

Content Upgrades
Learn what and why you want to use content upgrades to grow your email list quickly and how to deliver them to your leads.

Email Marketing
My top three email marketing services that I recommend and what features they have that you may want to use in your business.

Newsletters Your Peeps Wanna Read
Learn why your newsletter is so important, what your subscribers want to read and a ton of ideas when you don’t have any idea of what to send.

Apps + Software
A list of the apps and software you may want to use to grow and streamline your business.

How to use Canva to create all of your images without the high cost of Photoshop.

Digital Organization
Discover the software you can use to organize your business and create processes for every aspect of it.

How To Create Your Freebie In Canva
Learn how to use Canva to create your Freebie (lead magnet) easily.

MyDoma Preview
See what Mydoma is all about and how it can help you with managing your client’s projects.

Schedule Pinterest
See the software that I use that saves me time and brings me tons of new leads.

How To Make Money As A Blogger
The different ways bloggers generate income online and the networks they work with.

Landing Page Formula
Learn what a landing page is, why you will want to use them and how to lay out your own landing page to grow your email list.

Website Conversions
Learn why you need to optimize your website in order to increase conversions on your website aka turns prospects into clients.

Create A Fillable PDF
Learn how to create a fillable PDF, great for your design questionnaire!

Managing Client Experience
In this presentation by Mydoma, you’ll discover how client expectations are evolving and how you can use technology to deliver an exceptional client experience while remaining in control.

Vision Boards
How to create and use a vision board to bring your goals for your business to life.

Create Your Freebie Opt-In Offer
A step-by-step process to help you create your first lead magnet (aka freebie) to grow your email list.

PLUS!!! A ton of Worksheets + Bonus Training

  • The Designer Planner ($60 Value)

  • eDesign Missing Manual ($79 Value)

  • Pricing Interior Design Services For Profit ($100 Value)

  • Journal To Your Purpose ($10 Value)

  • Step by Step Formula with Script For Sales Calls

  • Monthly Marketing Holidays

  • Newsletter Planner

  • My Most Successful Facebook Like Ads

  • Nitty Gritty Pricing Formula

  • Perfect Website Layout

  • Swipe File

  • Search Engine Optimization Workbook

  • Troubleshoot Your Facebook Ads

  • Website Checklist

  • Your First Freebie Opt In Offer Checklist