What would it feel like to have all of those techy changes you want to make to your website but are too scared to do, off of your digital plate once and for all?

I know how it is. 

You're not a techy, you're a creative genius and the thought of getting the techy shit done on your website makes you wanna throw your hands up and binge watch Netflix.

You've got better things to do than Google how to do those little things to your website for hours and end up with your website mocking you.

Here's what I want you to do.

Take a deep breath.

Step away from Mr. Google.

And allow me to take you by the hand as we make the changes to your website together. 

You've convinced yourself that this website of yours is possessed by the Devil. I swear it isn't. But sometimes wrapping your head around the techy details that include embedding forms, images that don't behave, a website that doesn't get anyone buying has you grabbing for your finger gun.


The Goods (aka What You Get):

 One Hour of Hands On Time where you and I go to the backend of your website (Wordpress or Squarespace ONLY) and take care of the items that you've been putting off.


✓ 1 Video Recording of how we spent our time together so if you ever need to do any of those techy things again, you can re-watch the video over and see how it's done.

Tech Sesh
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How We Roll (aka My Process):

  1. You'll get the ball rollin' by paying

  2. I'll send you a link to schedule our techy sesh

  3. You'll gather all the login details ahead of time so that we can tackle the items on your to-do list

  4. You'll backup your website (if it's a Wordpress website) and install necessary updates if you have a Wordpress website

  5. On the day of your sesh, I will make as many changes as I can during our hour, which can be quite a bit!

What We Can Do

  • Optimize your pages for search engine optimization

  • Optimize your website for your customer's experience

  • Integrate your email list service (Mailchimp, Mailerlite or ConvertKit only)

  • Install and setup plugins + widgets (Wordpress)

  • Put together a landing or a service page

  • Layout your pages so they're visually attractive

  • Install your Facebook Pixel

  • Connect Your Google Analytics

  • Create Buttons

  • Set up + optimize your social media platforms (Insta, FB, Pinterest)

  • Branding Implementation

  • Create New Pages

  • Add New Services

  • Connecting your PayPal or Stripe

  • Setting up your blog

  • Add your design questionnaire

What We Can't Do

  • Redirect your domain

  • Hack into your website if you get locked out

  • Fiddle with the code

  • Move your website

  • Security/Plugin Updates

  • Super techy shit that should involve a developer

  • Bring your website back from the dead

You’re Gonna Want In On This If...

  • you’re sick of your current website not being just the way you want it

  • you’re scared shitless of doing anything for your website on your own

  • the thought of adding any type of code is enough to make you wanna chuck your MacBook out the window (and you love that thing!)

One more thing: By purchasing this service, I will not be held responsible for loss of data or damage to your website that is beyond my control. You also understand that you are responsible for backing up your website before I work on it. 

There's Only 3 Spots Available this month

Tech Sesh
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