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Ready to Start Your Own Online Interior Design Business?

You're in the right spot.

Okay, let’s talk. There’s no denying you’re an ace interior designer...but sorry babe: Your stellar design skills aint puttin’ steamy, hot food the table.

It totally sucks when you know it’s possible to have a successful interior design business, but it just doesn’t seem to be working out.

What are you doing wrong...that all these other bitches (pardon my French) aren’t? All you wanna do is work you enjoy – and get paid like the pro you are.

I'll show you how to start your online interior design business.

You want an online interior design business that puts money in the bank and even makes you money 24/7.

You have the design skills, but you're unsure about the online business part.

Or maybe you already have an e-Decorating business, but the web traffic trickles in and the sales are slow. It seems like you'll never harness the power of the Internet, and your dream of a successful online business feels out of reach.

If you have plenty of unanswered questions, and you're searching for reliable answers, look no further.

Then say hello to The Start Your Online Design Business course, baby.

The Start Your Online Design Business course is an online course containing videos, written training and PDF workbooks, that teaches everything I’ve ever learned about taking an interior design business online. 

It’s an insider look at my own proven process + the only place I divulge all the nitty gritty knowledge you need to create a thriving online interior decorating business.

You'll learn to develop your online business presence and stand out to attract clients. Once you have those clients, you'll know what to do to dazzle them with your first-rate services. And, finally, you'll learn fundamental business skills to keep your online decorating business running smoothly.

This eCourse is for you if ...

  • you're an established or aspiring designer who wants to start or grow an eDesign business.
  • you take your interior design business seriously, and are committed to developing it to better serve your design clients.
  • you need help with the logistics of creating an online business.

This eCourse is NOT for you if...

  • you want to make a million dollars overnight.
  • you aren't committed to success.
  • you think slapping a website up will create a booming business.
  • you expect to learn everything there is to know about a design business in this course alone.

The Start Your Own Online Interior Design Business Course Includes ...

Before Empire . . .

Stop the presses! To make sure you hit the ground runnin’ like the badass you are, I’ve created a little somethin’ somethin’ called Before Empire. B.E. I'll cover the most basic, essential information you need to know before we begin. You’ll find out about everything from business foundation to the ins and outs of getting yoru business set up.

Module 1: Your Website . . .

I'll help you decide whether you should go with a Wordpress website or a Squarespace website. We'll also go over:

  • Set up a website that kicks ass - including deciding on a PERFECT layout for YOUR biz
  • Decipher what information you gotta include on your website so your dream clients instantly feel like, “Dude, she gets me and I must buy this amazingness right NOW!
  • Plus the nitty gritty on buying A Domain Name and Getting Hosting For Your Virtual Hotspot and the costs of the website

Module 2: Your Ideal Clients . . .

Your business needs clients and I'll go over with you how to figure out who these people are and where you can look for them.

  • Don your detective cap to define your ideal client + what they truly want from you
  • Learn how to speak to your ideal clients like old BFF’s, so you attract only super-cool people who inspire you to do amazing work
  • Communicate with your clients so they not only “get” you, but can’t forget you

Module 3: Your Social Media . . .

Social Media is key to growing your eDesign business and we'll talk about:

  • Setting up your top three social media platforms to maximize your exposure online
  • What to post on social media and what to never ever post
  • Sample post ideas to get your more engagement from your dream clients

Module 4: Your Design Packages + Pricing Them For Profit . . .

You'll learn how to create design packages that sell like hotcakes. You'll get:

  • Decide which world-rocking design services you want to offer – and your ideal peeps can’t help but scoop up
  • Create sizzling packages that give your clients exactly what they crave
  • Pick the perfect price point for your packages (read: one you love and your clients do, too) with my top secret pricing strategies
  • Offer incredible guarantees (or not) and handle refunds with total grace (srsly)

Module 5: Your Blogging Plan . . .

Blogging is crucial to starting and continuing the client relationship. I'll show you:

  • The categories to set up on your blog
  • The exact types of posts that will get you tons of traffic to your website
  • The proven blog post formula
  • Basic SEO to get higher results on Google (‘cause your peeps need to be able to find you, ya dig?)

Module 6: Your Communication Plan . . .

This is a big key to bringing in consistent income to your design business and I will show you how to leverage it. We'll Go Over:

  • My favorite email list service that'll get you hot leads
  • Get people to hand over their emaily addy’s like you’re Ryan-freaking-Gosling
  • Perfectly execute the one task everybody loves to hate, but can make or break your eDesign empire

Module 7: Your eDesign Process . . .

What's an eDesign business without the design? I will go over the big picture strategy to creating your own design process so you're never overwhelmed again. We'll cover:

  • Organizing your design projects so every client gets the same epic experience
  • How to run your eDesign projects from beginning to end
  • A list of the free and paid design tools you'll need to check out to make your design business run smoothly

You know deep down that you were born to do this. But instead of throwing spaghetti at the walls when it comes to a clear goal, you sabotage yourself every step of the way looking for a shortcut that will get you there. Then you still end up right back at the beginning. No clients or cash to show for all of the wasted time.

Something has to change. 

You need to get serious about putting in the work and taking action like a mofo. You need to commit to yourself that you are going to do this.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to start or how to take action. I’ll show you.


Ready to start your online interior design empire?

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Once you click the Buy Now button, you'll get access to the course TODAY. 

Still not sure? Here's my A's to your Q's

Is it for me? If you are an interior designer, who wants to work from home with an online business, this guide is for you. Or, if you're working in the field, and you want another design income stream, this course will get you up and running. You'll learn everything there is to know about establishing, positioning and marketing yourself for online business success.

Will it teach me how to design interiors? No, but you don't need any instruction in design, because you're a stylin' designer already.

Do I need a website right now? Well, no, but you will want to build one to sell your e-Decorating services. To give you a head start, this course covers the platforms you should start with plus the pages you should have on your website.

Is this going to be full of technical details that I wonít understand? First, I'm not a computer nerd, so you won't hear technical lingo from me. Instead, you'll get easy to understand instructions without all of the geek-speak.

How much money can I make adding e-Decorating to my design business? I get asked this a lot and it is a good question. At the same time, I'm not one of Dionne Warwick's psychic friends. Your success depends on you. So you could be a million dollar decorator or you might not be. Some e-Designers do make their entire living online. That's why you see big names in the field. But it takes work, no matter what.

Every effort has been made to represent this eCourse accurately.

As you know, with any business investment, there is no guarantee that you will have the same or similar results as those in our testimonials. With that said, when you buy a product from me you are making a cross your heart and kiss your elbow promise to yourself and to me that you'll put the tools and resources to work to ignite your e-Decorating business into a bonfire of bad-assery.