Strategy Sesh

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Strategy Sesh


Your creative business is THE next big thing.

Except you have One Small Problem … You have no idea how to make it happen.

I started an online business way back when NO ONE really knew how big this internet thing was gonna get. It wasn’t easy, and it took A LOT of trial and error.

I wished then that I had someone to turn to for answers. But even if there were creatives doing it online, they wouldn’t share their SECRETS with me.

A lot of creative entrepreneurs are notoriously close-mouthed about their methods. They guard them like some women protect the truth about their age.

But little do they know I’ve turned the tables.  

And I’m now sharing those closely guarded secrets with YOU in one-on-one consulting sessions. Think of me as your personal undercover agent … “Business Espionage Agent.”

Let's Do This!
You have focused me and got me thinking in the right way. I’m excited about creating and defining my biz now. ~Susan Van Meter

I’ve done the recon. I have the dirt.

I know what works in the online creative business world … because I’ve done it. I spent years developing an online business model that pays.

And, as a result of our consulting sessions, you’ll learn to do the same.

Here's How It Works

You purchase your hour with me, and we'll tackle your specific challenges. Well lay the groundwork for our discussion before the call, so we can make the most of your time.

Results: Get the clarity you need to take your business to the next level. Plus, get SPECIFIC actionable strategies to make it happen.

You’ll come away with closely guarded secrets other creative entrepreneurs don’t want you to know.

All of the ways that you show how to think outside of the box and wow my clients. I felt a burst of creativity take over! ~Julie Jamison

But WHY would I tell YOU?

Because I’m tired of seeing creative entrepreneurs get taken advantage of by these shitpreneurs online. Their services offering false hope and a lot of unicorn farts, frankly, make me wanna gag myself with a spoon.

I’m INTO helping you make it work for yourself so you don’t become addicted to those posers and their bullshit.

My creative business consulting is a SAFE ZONE.

I’m your confidant. Bounce ideas with me. And get TARGETED advice … because I’ve already walked 1,000 miles in your shoes.

Whether you're  

  • Just starting your creative business
  • Fresh out of college and want to do freelance work
  • A corporate refugee, who left to pursue your creative passion
  • Or someone with a successful creative business who wants to get started or ramp it up online

… I can help you make it work.

Save yourself the time and hassle of figuring it out for yourself and skip to the head of the pack. ~Lisa League

Maybe you’re virtually unknown. And you haven’t made the money you dreamed you would.

People DONT comment. They DONT call. They DONT write.

Your style is EPIC. But if you don’t figure out how to make a splash online, you could face an EPIC FAIL.

Or maybe you HAVE gotten paying clients, but you HAVEN’T gotten a handle on running your business smoothly.

Clients complain or don't return. You forget important details. You’re juggling priorities like a circus clown on crack.

And you’re stressed and overworked to the max. No bueno.

Ready to End the Struggle?

Alycia had great suggestions and really made me feel like I was heading in the right direction. I am putting my plan into action and will be calling her in a few months to review so I can take my online business even further! ~Amy Peltier


1 Strategy Session: We discuss your speed bump in your creative business during a 60-minute session to get you back on track in a jiffy + action items for you to take.

Strategy Sesh
Let's Do This!