No B.S. Strategy For Your Interior Design Business

The Package

The Package

from 2,500.00

Take your business from being a wallflower-wannabe-flirt to going bang-bang-all-the-way without becoming a cheap hussy.

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Let's Go Back To Your Place: Your Wooing Website

I won't get too techy with it but basically I'm going to review your website and show you how to take it from not so hot to super fucking sexy. Of course, there will be an "evil genius level" plan to get targeted traffic to your website aka clients who want to throw their platinum Amex at your ass. Your website will be the virtual pad that brings all the boys to the yard, along with their credit card.

Play Some Back Seat Bingo: Your Seductive (Not Slutty) Offers

AKA how to make you more money and at the same time get you more free time. Can I get an AMEN? I'm going to get into your head, clean out all of that shitty stuff you say to yourself about why you can't make more money (spoiler: you totally can) and then I will show you how you're going to do this - step by step. Life's too fucking short to spend it trading your valuable time for pennies. That VIP vacation with room service that you've had in mind for years will be happening. WARNING - this is NOT a therapy session. There will be serious discussion and maybe some tears (yours, not mine) but NO hand-holding - just the two of us doing the work.

Make ‘Em Want To Go All The Way: Your Magnetic Marketing

Then, this. THIS will blow your motherfucking mind! We're going to get your marketing finally figured the fuck out. And NO - I am not going to ask you to spend all of your time on all eleventyseven of the social media platforms. No one has time for that ish. We're going to find your peeps online and only hang out at the hot spots for your business. You won't have time to sashay your ass all over town hoping someone will take a gander.