Momentum Sessions

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Momentum Sessions


Let’s shift your business from intention to momentum.

1-on-1 Coaching Program

Let's Do This!

It’s time to shift your business from intention to momentum.

If you’re feeling like:

  • You’re throwing shit at the wall just hoping something will stick

  • Your business is starting to look like an expensive hobby

  • You’re wasting a lot of time and not seeing any improvement

  • You are sick and tired of courses that over promise and under deliver

  • You’re constantly comparing your business (and website) to other designers and wondering how the fuck their shit looks so damn good…

But you’d like it to:

  • Hit and break your income goals

  • Develop a brand you’re excited to share with the world

  • Craft a marketing plan you’re actually excited about

  • Build a sales funnel that keeps clients coming through your pipeline

  • Make more moola through passive income streams

Then I’ve got your solution:

The Momentum Sessions designed to create a powerful shift in your business when you work with me one-on-one.

You + Me = Your Profitable + Fun To Run Design Business

How It Works:

  • We kick it all off with One VIP 90-minute call where we will dig deep to make damn sure who you want to work with and how to serve them, uncover the gift only you can bring to the world and outline a plan to make your dream design business a reality

  • 11 One-Hour calls where we will devise personalized action plans that you can implement easily following each of our calls, like:

    • figuring out your true money-making services by examining what you offer now, what you want to offer & what your clients actually need (most peeps call this your sweet spot - and just the g-spot, it can be quite mysterious & hard to find without a little, um, outside help)

    • spiff up your website and know how to turn it into a killer online hotspot your clients are dreaming of (You’re simply not going to be as successful in your biz as you could be until you get this essential component right!)

    • create an online marketing plan that’ll have you connecting with your dreams clients soulfully (without selling your soul to El Diablo) in a way that feels (almost) effortless

    • determine what techie tools you’ll need to have in place for your business and how to use them so you can feel confident getting your tech on

    • decide once and for all what social media channels make the most sense for empire building and we’ll craft a plan you (or your assistant) to follow time and time again

Additional Support:

  • Recorded calls so you don’t need to take notes when the ideas start flowing fast and furiously

  • Resources and support to help grow your design empire (like if you’re stuck on how to create a Facebook ad, I’ll get ya video to show you how to do it in an easy to follow tutorial)

  • VIP email support and access to my nerdy brain to help you during a “freak out”

You don’t need to know how to do all this stuff, that’s why you’re working with me. The only thing I need from you is 100% commitment to shifting your business from intention to momentum.


$3000 (Paid In Full)

Let's Do This!


Three Payment of $1200 For Three Months
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Alycia had great suggestions and really made me feel like I was heading in the right direction. I am putting my plan into action and will be calling her in a few months to review so I can take my online business even further! ~Amy Peltier