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Even though I have been an Interior Designer for close to 30 years I must admit I was a bit intimidated since I knew so little about building a virtual design business. I was so taken back by Alycia’s' easy-going yet effective process. In the short time, I have been working with Alycia I have learned so much about SEO and Launching my Online Design Business.

Alycia took my anxiousness and turned it into enthusiasm.

This the best investment you can make for your Interior Design business. - Celeste Jackson

Alycia’s down to earth and quick on her feet. I felt comfortable talking with her because it didn’t take a bunch of explaining for her to understand my vision. She helped me to clarify my niche.

The value of the 6 weeks far exceeded my expectations of what we could accomplish.

She helped me increase my profitability! I finally feel crystal clear on who I’m marketing too and how to reach them! - Misty Maxey

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I cannot thank you enough for all your work, time, patience, guidance and so much more. I have gone through so many weird and confusing emotions over the last few months setting up 'Roaming Atelier'. I have got myself so far outside of my comfort zone it’s ridiculous..but every fear and doubt and idea have somehow turned into something that I am now quite proud to put out there.

There is no way I would have gone through it all without you, your blog and your Society!

It was like having a fairy godmother watching over me every step of the way.

I know I am now ready to get out there and grow that business and learn more. - Alex Ganipeau

Thanks to you I was able to start my business and not feel alone in the process! You truly have given me the tools I need to have a successful interior design biz and I thank you a million times over! - Leigh Vigil


Alycia is an expert on what she teaches.

She is transparent and always evoke to be just like we are not pretending to teach something she never known before she teaches based on her own experience, She is Cool Chica. I would say don't spend more money in all garbage around the online courses, go with the PRO Chica Alycia Wicker. She is the one stop place to make your business a success online ~ Alejandra C

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Alycia made me realize my dreams had potential to become a reality.

I needed to do exactly what she said and do it well and it would all work out! ~Claire B



I have spent so much time and money on other coaches, online courses, webinars, etc. and they only gave me half the picture and made me more confused. Alycia does what she says she’ll do - that is take your interior design business to the next level. It works for edesign, but it works for conventional design businesses as well. I get calls from new clients every day - seriously - every day! She knows what she is talking about and if YOU do what she says, it will work.

I listened to Alycia and followed her instructions. Low and behold in the first quarter of the year I earned as much as I did for the whole previous year.

~Kathleen J.

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Alycia captures the roaring spirit of so many of us out there loving what we do but are tired of the public perception we convey.

She has lit a fire and really forced me to RE-GROUP and conquer. I know I can not only do this but be successful at it. Muchas Gracias Alycia!”

~ Nancy J.



I love how you GET the struggles that we as designers go through and you are a genius at marketing, planning, and running an Interior Design Business. 

You have so much value in everything you do.

~Rebecca R.

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Alycia is the real deal. Her advice is so spot on.

I’ve listened to a lot of other designers promises. I can finally say that I have concrete information from Alycia that I can put into action. ~Mary Etta M.



I feel like my blindfold has been taken off and I've gained much needed clarity

on what changes I need to make to my biz so that I can land clients. ~Julie Jamison



I wouldn't hesitate to hire Alycia.

There are a lot of people who do what she does and don’t know half as much. And besides, she’s a lot of fun to work with! In our time together she was very focused ~Laurel Bern



Alycia, you are brilliant!

Thank you so much for sharing your time and your brain with me. It’s awesome how quickly your ideas flow. In what seemed like a (too) short time period, you helped me narrow down what I really need AND answered all my pressing questions. I’m ready to move forward FULL throttle! ~Nikki G.

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Alycia's candor and honesty about the realities of the interior design industry are refreshing!

She knows just how to reach into my head, find out what's holding me back from success, and bring those fears out into the light in a no-BS, totally loving, and uber-supportive way. I can honestly say I'm a much better designer and business-person after reading every little thing she's put out into the world. ~Shawna H.



She’s The Interior Design Business Whisper.

Tell her your most burning business problems and she'll offer you thoughtful solutions and action steps in her signature "you've got this" style. It's like every single blog post or newsletter was written just for me. I swear! Every concern, question, fear that is floating in my mind has been addressed and handed back to me on silver platter with a note saying go kick some arse and here's how. ~Kathy A.



She’s Been Where We Are.

The thing I have noticed about Alycia is not just that she has been where we are (she has), or that she is super encouraging (she is). What I love is that she invests in people when she has nothing to get in return. This might look like quickly returning an email to answer a random question, or hosting an online group for designers to meet & encourage each other- whether or not she is there! She truly seems to care about others- not only when if benefits her, but for the sake of seeing other succeed.
~Courtney W.



I am so thankful I found Alycia!

I was at a crossroads in my career and not sure which direction I needed to go. After finishing Alycia's book and reading her blog like a fiend, my creative wheels are spinning and I have discovered there are so many innovative ways to market myself as an Interior Decorator. Thank you Alycia! ~Trista E.