Start Your Online Interior Design Business Course

Start Your Online Interior Design Business Course


How amazeballs would it be to have a thriving online interior design business, one that enables you to work from home with super cool clients from all over the world and make a real living doing what you love?

Okay, let’s talk. There’s no denying you’re an ace interior designer...but sorry babe: Your stellar design skills aint puttin’ steamy, hot food the table.

It totally sucks when you know it’s possible to have a successful interior design business, but it just doesn’t seem to be working out.

What are you doing wrong...that all these other bitches (pardon my French) aren’t? All you wanna do is work you enjoy – and get paid like the pro you are.


I'll show you how to start your online interior design business.

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Nowadays, the Internet allows us to work from any place we choose with any people we choose - even as interior designers. e-Design services are the hottest of the hot – and if you’re not leveraging your skills to design for clients all ‘round the’re missin’ out on tons of cash.

Taking your interior design biz online means...

  • no more wondering if you’ve got enough in the checking account for this month’s bills (let alone investing in growing your biz)
  • no more “trickling” sales + embarrassing website stats
  • working with just-right clients from all over the damn place + no longer being restricted to your town, city or even country
  • working from home (Can I get a hell yes?)
  • changing more lives + making the planet an even prettier place (awww)

Obviously, you've got the skills, but what they didn’t teach you in design school was how the hell to actually run a business, and that’s a whole new ballgame, sista.

So whaddya say? Ready to learn how to start your online interior design biz?

Then say hello to The Start Your Online Design Business course, baby.

The Start Your Online Design Business course is an online course containing videos, written training and PDF workbooks, that teaches everything I've ever learned about taking an interior design business online. 

It's a step-by-step look at my own proven process + the only place I divulge all the insider knowledge you need to set up an online interior design business that thrives.

Wanna learn how to stand out to attract perfect-for-you kinda clients? You got it. Curious how to set up first-rate services and package up your expertise in a way that dazzles every person you work with? No problemo. How ‘bout learning the fundamental business skills (think: website setup, newsletters, social media...) that’ll keep your decorating biz running smooth like buttah from now until...forever? YEP. It’s in there. This is some priceless shit.

But let’s stop for a sec. If you know me at all, you know this ain't gonna be no run-of-the-mill boring business course. No fucking way, Jose.

First off, it’s all digital. Meaning, you can check out your learning materials on any laptop/iPad/pluggy-in-electric-device of choice, from anywhere, anytime.

Second, this is the top shelf information from my wildly successful "Missing Manual" eBook + "Visibility, Clients + Cash", video course + the in-person "Sit-Down" event that was hosted in Vegas, all pulled together to give you the best information to help you get started.

So, here's how it works:

  1. You pay.
  2. You get an email with a link to download a PDF with your course login details.

But the best part is you can go through everything at your own pace. If you’re the on-fire type who likes to devour things quickly, take action right away + get on with your life...go for it. Or if you’d rather take things a week (or three) at a time and let the information sink in slowly, be my guest. You have lifetime access to theThe Start Your Online Design Business course so you can return to the materials anytime you need. And you get access to everything immediately after purchase. Pow.

I am loving it! I have purchased so many programs that are supposed to help me build my business, but they have all been a disappointment. Alycia’s program doesn’t give you vague information like the others. She tells you specifically what to do and how she does things! Jamie Cochran, Bella Traverse Design

I love the way that you weaved in your sense of humor and honesty. I felt an immediate trust because you’ve been where I am. All of the ways that you show how to think outside of the box and wow my clients. I felt a burst of creativity take over. It’s a time saver! Why go at it alone when you can get all of the tools and templates that you’ll ever need all in one place.* Julie Jamison, Julie's Home Designs

Looking for a big list of everything you'll learn? Here ya go.

Before Empire: Answers To The Commonly Asked Questions About Starting Your Design Business

Answers to those tricky questions everyone has wondered about like:

  • Can I Call Myself An Interior Designer?
  • Does Your Design Business Need A Name?
  • Do You Need A Website?
  • Do You Need A Portfolio?
  • Do You Need A Logo?

Module 1: Your Website

I'll help you decide whether you should go with a Wordpress website or a Squarespace website. We'll also go over:

  • Buying A Domain Name
  • Getting Hosting For Your Virtual Hotspot
  • Picking A Design For Your Website
  • The Critical pages You'll Need And How To Lay Them Out
  • The Costs Associated With Your Website

Module 2: Your Ideal Clients

Your business needs clients and I'll go over with you how to figure out who these people are and where you can look for them.

You'll get a workbook that will help your figure this out, once and for all.

Module 3: Your Social Media

Social Media is key to growing your eDesign business and we'll talk about setting up your top three social media platforms, including what to post on them and what to never ever post on them.

Module 4: Your Design Packages + Pricing Them For Profit

You'll learn how to create design packages that sell like hotcakes. You'll get:

  • A Proven Formula For Packaging Up Your Design Expertise
  • How To Position Your Package So It Actually Sells
  • How To Figure Out What To Charge Your Clients
  • How To Take Payment 
  • How To Deal With A Client Who Wants A Refund

Module 5: Your Blogging Plan

Blogging is crucial to starting and continuing the client relationship. I'll show you:

  • The Categories To Set Up On Your Blog
  • The Exact Types Of Posts That Will Get You Tons Of Traffic To Your Website
  • The Proven Blog Post Formula
  • How To Actually Do Search Engine Optimization The Easy Way


Module 6: Your Communication Plan

This is a big key to bringing in consistent income to your design business and I will show you how to leverage it. We'll Go Over:

  • My Favorite Email List Service That's Easy To Use
  • How To Get Your Dream Clients To Sign Up For Your Email List
  • How To Grow Your Email List For Free

Module 7: Your eDesign Process

What's an eDesign business without the design? I will go over the big picture strategy to creating your own design process so you're never overwhelmed again. We'll cover:

  • Organizing Your Design Projects So Every Client Gets The Same Epic Experience
  • How To Run A eDesign Project From Beginning To End
  • The Free And Paid Design Tools You Can Use

You know deep down that you were born to do this. But instead of throwing spaghetti at the walls when it comes to a clear goal, you sabotage yourself every step of the way looking for a shortcut that will get you there. Then you still end up right back at the beginning. No clients or cash to show for all of the wasted time.

Something has to change. 

You need to get serious about putting in the work and taking action like a mofo. You need to commit to yourself that you are going to do this.

It doesn't matter if you don't know where to start or how to take action. I'll show you.