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1 Year Interior Design Marketing Plan Bundle

1 Year Interior Design Marketing Plan Bundle


Blogging. Tweeting. Emailing. Facebook-ing. Instagramming. Pinning. 

If you're struggling to keep up with all these must-do activities EVERY DAMN DAY, you might feel like there's no time left over for the thing you do best - DESIGNING. 

Buuuuuuuut... the sad reality is that if you DON'T stay up to date with marketing, you won't GET to spend time designing - because you won't have any clients to work for and you won't have two nickels to rub together. That's right - you'll be stuck schlepping greasy buckets of wings and thighs at Church's Chicken.

What's a designer to do, though? How do you stay on top of Marketing Mountain without losing your damn mind and without paying some crappy "strategist" to take care of things for you? 

I’ve got you, boo.

Introducing 365 Days of Marketing – your Done-For-You Interior Design Marketing solution.

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This insanely amazing resource includes all the following:

  • 106 Timely Blog Post Ideas – that’s 4 per month! - related to what’s happening NEXT so you’re ahead of the marketing game, not just struggling to play catch up.
  • 12 Monthly Done-for-you newsletter templates you can personalize and send to your list to make sure you’re staying on your prospect’s mind. (Also included as a Word Doc.)
  • 76 Potential for Extra Income Streams with income growing activities – 6 brand new money making ideas you can use now to make more money starting NOW.
  • 36 Sales + Lead Prompts to help you promote yourself on social media even when you’re feeling scared and unsure of what the hell you’re supposed to say so you can SELL without fear of sounding like a sleaze bag.
  • 108 Fresh new design tips that you can schedule for social media to share with your fans – you’ll stay in their hearts and minds while spending MORE time designing, and less time googling, typing, and smacking your head against the wall.
  • 63 Seasonal Business Tips to help you keep up with the virtual dusting and cleaning of your business – never be caught with your virtual trousers down because you forgot to update your contact information or add your latest portfolio worthy project.

Look – you’ve tried to go it alone, but it’s too much to keep up with. You know you need a marketing plan you can execute on, and you’re aware that leaving your marketing to the end of the month is a losing proposition.

You also don’t want to spend a ton of money on sub-contracting to someone who doesn’t really know (or give a shit about) your business. With 365 Days of Marketing, you don’t have to fork over the cash every month – this plan gives you what you need to DIY it all year ‘round without tearing your hair out.

Here’s the deal –

Marketing is the essential ingredient to growing your bottom line, but it's the #1 chore designers want to push to the bottom of the task list. Don’t give up and throw the towel in – use this resource to lighten the load so your business can thrive and grow.

365 Days of Marketing – the Done-For-You Interior Design Marketing Plan will keep you ahead of the game all year round so you can work smarter not harder. This buy-it-one-time, use-it-again-and-again plan will have you ON IT for (duh) the entire YEAR.

Lighten your burdens and easily stay on top of Marketing Mountain without spending a ton of time, frying your brain cells, or paying someone to half-ass it for you.

Put these ideas to work for you, and watch your business flourish like never before.

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