Interior Design Client Questionnaire

Interior Design Client Questionnaire


Let me ask you something: Are you asking your clients the wrong questions?

Would you answer...yes? No? Maybe so? (Sorry. Had to.)

If you’re not sure, then let me tell you a little story and then you can tell me if this has ever happened to you.


Once upon a time, you met your (seemingly) ideal client. In fact, you thought she was gonna be the perfect client. She seemed rational. She seemed funny, smart & someone you’d love to work with again and again. HOLLA!

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You zoomed through her project & sent it off all super excited. But then, the inevitable post-project butterflies took hold and your mind starts fluttering with doubts. Will she love it and gush and tell you that you’re the bestest designer in the whole wide world? Oh, how you hope!

And then, it happened. Almost immediately you get a response from her and your worst fear comes true: She hates it all.
She told you she didn’t want ANY gray, she claims. And you? You totally filled her entire living room with rain-cloud-colored furniture.


You rack your brain trying to remember her saying that. You look feverishly over your notes and can’t find anything about gray being off-limits.

What do you do?

Well, because you’re a professional, you’re gonna fix the issue - and quick. But that doesn’t mean you’re not feeling totally resentful and annoyed that you’re losing loads of time & money to fix such an easily avoidable mistake.
The truth is: Asking your clients the wrong questions - or not asking them at all - is killing your bottom line.

Sound familiar? I thought it might!

You’re a designer, not a mind reader. It’s time to stop guessing what your clients want!

As an interior designer who creates totally custom (and dare I say, incredible) design work for each & every client, it’s supa-dupa important you’re asking questions that will help you create projects your peeps absolutely adore.
But how the heck do you know what to ask, especially if you’re new to this biz thing?

Say hello to the Interior Designer Client Questionnaire and goodbye to fudging up projects & unhappy clients!

If you’re tired of trying to read your clients minds and would rather just, y’know, get all the pertinent information you need up front so you never miss an uber-important deet again, the Interior Designer Questionnaire is your new must-have. This done-for-you document includes 30 most powerful questions you can ask your interior design clients to create hella happy clients & a more profitable business!

(Word Doc Format + PDF Format)