Interior Design Business Toolbox

Interior Design Business Toolbox


Having successful interior design business takes a hell of a lot more than luck.

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It takes heart, it takes determination, and it takes SKILLS.

Skills that right now, you probably don't have (#sorrynotsorry).

  • You are focusing on getting your systems lined up and have signed up for every 30 day trial under the sun (and then you forgot to cancel, and now you're paying for a bunch of crap you're not even using)

  • You know the general direction you want to go in, so you're asking around for guidance but let's be real, the people you're talking to have no idea how to create a successful interior design business with a strong web-based backbone

  • You're wasting time doing things differently with each client you take on. Nothing is automatized, and your shit is a mess which ends up costing you time (and money).

  • You're stuck in the “I need clients to make money AND I need money to get clients” vortex and you know it's time to either let this “business” go or MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

The thing is, you CAN make your dream a reality. 

You CAN have a flourishing Interior Design business.

And the best part is, you DON'T have to start from scratch.

The Interior Design Business Toolbox will show you how to set up shop and run your interior design biz like a boss, from the get-go.

Design Biz Toolbox (or DBT) is the what I wish I had when I started my business. It is THE must-have resource to build and grow a solid business foundation.

The Design Business Toolbox includes a collection of PDF guides and worksheets with practically everything you need to know to create a super streamlined backend for your design biz.

I was frustrated and confused on where to begin to even get any clients.I now have a more clear idea on where to find clients. Not necessarily where I thought I would! No wonder no one is calling me. I’m in the wrong places. Everything is much clearer and I don’t feel lost anymore.
— Christina R.

Design Biz Toolbox includes

  • The Interior Design Questionnaire that includes the top 30 questions you should ALWAYS ask your clients so you can NAIL each project and keep them coming back for more (7 pages)

  • Design Project Kick-off Packet that will take you through each interaction with your client when starting a new project to save you time and energy and help you communicate clearly and effectively with your clients (25 pages)

  • Welcome Packet Message to help you make a killer first impression by clearly letting your client know what to expect every step of the way while working with you (Included in Kick-off Packet)

  • Pricing Formula Worksheet to help you figure out how much you should be charging at a bare minimum to be profitable.*

  • Measurement + Photography Guide for your clients so you don’t have to waste time explaining to each person how to take photos of the space you will be designing, instead just send this PDF (Included in Kick-off Packet)

  • A Years Worth of BANGIN’ Blog Ideas and 270+ HOT Headlines that will have your readers waiting on edge for your post each week (13 pages)

  • Room Inventory Checklists so you'll never forget another thing to source for your next project (8 pages)

  • Done-For-You Newsletters when you're stuck wondering what in the world you should be sending to your email list (71 pages)

  • Email Templates to save you TONS of time. Use these templates for the 10 most time-consuming and critical client communication situations (10 pages)

  • Sample Design Project which will show you EXACTLY what to send to each and every client [this custom-made mock project includes a cover page, table of contents, before pics, color palette, space plan, three renderings, two mood boards, shopping list, to-do list, notes + tips AND a thank you page[ (9 pages)

  • Sample Letter of Agreement* to inspire your own to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row (general informational purposes only and doesn’t constitute legal advice).

  • Sample Client Proposal* to help develop your own proposal for design services (general informational purposes only and you need to tailor it for your own business).

  • Marketing Ideas + Marketing Holidays* that'll give you new ideas for when you want to pump up your sales or make some more passive income (7 pages)

  • Designer Planner* is filled with printable worksheets including: Daily Planner, Weekly To Do List, Year Action Plan, Client Profile, Monthly Expenses, Mileage Tracker, Project Timesheet, Design Time Tracker, Vendors, Affiliates, One Page Offer Plan, Make A Decision, Newsletter Planner, Blog Post Outline, Monthly Stats, Yearly Stats, Facebook Ads, Social Media Post Schedule, Monthly Marketing At A Glance, Business Health Checklist (24 pages)

  • Note: Items marked with an * are available to you when purchase a membership in the Society.

Don't take my word for it, check out what these Design Biz Toolbox owners have to say:

Before I purchased the Toolbox, I felt pretty darn helpless. I had no idea what to do on social media or how I was even going to market an e-design business. The Toolbox was more than I expected! You pretty much planned it all out for me and that is one of the biggest hurdles I had been facing.
— Jessica E.
Alycia is a design biz rock star! Her honest and quirky personality make her so much fun to work with. Additionally, her email subscriber tips , e-book, and the Design Biz Toolbox provides invaluable content to any designer looking to open up a design or e-decorating biz. There are great templates that inspired me and gave me valuable info on design biz how-tos. Totally recommend!
— Katie T.
This is a great product for anyone with an interior design business, it covers all the bases and is a great kit to jump-start anyone’s business!
— Paul C.
I was in the process of transitioning into full time interior design from owning/running a marketing agency, and I wasn’t sure I was ready for it yet. Once I was, I made the purchase and I have been very pleased with the depth of content provided in the Design Biz Toolbox.

I have been using the blog headlines while planning out my blogging schedule for the next year. The catchy headlines have already been working for me!

Alycia knows her stuff. Trust what she tells you, because she’s for real.
— Brooke D.
I was set on starting an interior design business, but it was a vague idea. I had begun to create my own templates and checklists. I felt like I had a long road ahead of me. The biggest impact is the relief I feel knowing that I don’t have to start from scratch. I have gained confidence seeing all of the great tools that are ready to use. The Kickoff Packet and Questionnaire are huge timesavers. Each tool in the kit exceeded expectations.
— Valerie M.

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  2. Once payment is received, you'll immediately receive an email with the link to download your Design Biz Toolbox

  3. Bask in instant gratification happiness + immediately start kicking ass in your biz

Designing the perfect space for your clients takes time and energy (and is the fun part!). Design Biz Toolbox gives you more time to work in your zone of genius by taking all the guesswork out of the business stuff.

Updated August 2019 


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