Pricing Interior Design Services For Profit

Pricing Interior Design Services For Profit


Ready to go from "I don't know what the eff to charge" to "that feels real effing good"? You'll be getting the clarity you need around pricing interior design services for your business and may discover you actually need to raise your fees!

Here's your foolproof formulas for pricing your interior design services in this eBook.

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Because You're Too KickAss To Be A BrokeAss Designer

Well... nobody wants to be a brokeass designer, but the way it seems to me is that there are tons of designers not charging enough for their sweetass work. 

Lemme guess... You're probably one of them. 

You probably chose the price of your design services by either checking out some other designer's sales page to see what she was charging or by picking a totally random number out of the sky. 

Yeah. That's not the way you wanna do it. 

I mean if you love working a shit ton of hours for so little ROI, be my guest. You'll be burnt out, bitter and a raging alcoholic in just a couple years cursing the day you decided to follow your dream. #Truestory

Instead you're gonna be a top shelf bitch, taking long romantic strolls to the bank

  • See what the competition is actually charging (so we can kill that curious cat once and for all)
  • The biggest jerk face liars about your fees and why you shouldn't EVER listen to them
  • My pricing formula that will take you from bankrupt to benjamins (aka profitable)
  • Two more pricing formulas that will help you find the perfect price for every design service
  • The super secret strategy to selling tons of design services