eDesign Missing Manual

eDesign Missing Manual


So, you decided to start your own business and everything was hunky-dory for seven minutes.

Then the panic set in. You didn’t know what you were supposed to be doing at all. Who in the hell would let you become a CEO? Did anyone else think this through?

The last thing you completed with absolute confidence was that series on Netflix last Saturday.

And here you are. You told everyone you were going to start your own business and now you’re quivering in your boots wondering why you decided NOW to make this scary ass leap into the wild world of entrepreneurship?

Good thing I’m here to remind you why. You know you were born to change this world. You know that you have a gift that needs to be shared with the world because you’re freaking awesome. And you crave freedom.

Not that bullshit “laptop lifestyle” that these fake fuckers online show off. You actually don’t mind doing the work. It’s your purpose and passion. But you’re certainly interested in a future (after you’ve set up your awesome business foundation) to working less hours, making great fucking money and having the freedom to live life on your terms.

Now that we’re both clear on why you’ve decided to forgo some kind of “certainty” for definite “uncertainty” I’m about to take you through the nitty gritty that you need to know about getting your baby business off the ground and into the land of milk and honey.

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If you’re at your day job right now… you’re either dreaming about running your own business, wishing you had more time to spend with your family or you’re straight up daydreaming about being at the beach instead of at your desk.

If you’re at home… you’re either wishing you had high-paying clients of your own so you didn’t have to stress about money issues, browsing social media and wondering how the heck other people have these crazy businesses that make them tons of money or also straight up daydreaming about being at the beach.

I’m right, aren’t I?

You want dream-worthy opportunities, the freedom to do YOUR thing and to make lots of money while doing it.

Simply put - you want to do the creative work you enjoy and be paid well for it.

I can relate because I’ve totally been there.

Back in the late 90s, I had an exciting career as an interior designer. But motherhood changed all of that. Staying at home to care for my baby, I missed designing interiors. So I launched an e-Design business, back when nearly no one was doing it. After years of reading books, trying programs and refining my process, I had developed a successful online business.

Now I'm a designer of e-businesses. I help create irresistible web presences and help creative types – artists, designers, and intuitive coaches - build their online empire so they can get more clients and earn more money.

But enough about me. Let's talk about you.

You want an online business that puts money in the bank … and even makes you money 24/7.

You’ve worked hard to perfect your skills, but you're unsure about the online business part.

Or maybe you already have your business online, but the web traffic trickles in and the sales are slow. It seems like you'll never harness the power of the Internet, and your dreams of success feel out of reach.

Does this sound familiar?

If you have plenty of unanswered questions, and you're searching for reliable answers, look no further.

The eDesign Missing Manual is a step-by-step, proven plan to create a thriving online business. It isn't your run-of-the-mill boring business manual and it isn’t what all the other guys are offering.

It includes digital learning materials in an info-packed PDF.

You'll learn to develop your online business presence so you stand out and attract ideal clients. Once you have those clients, you'll know what to do to dazzle them with your first-rate services. And, finally, you'll learn fundamental business skills to keep your online business running smoothly.

This eBook is for you if ...

  • you're an established or aspiring creative who wants to start or grow your business
  • you take your business seriously and are committed to developing it to better serve your clients, your family and yourself.
  • you need help with the logistics of creating an online business.

This eBook is NOT for you if …

  • you want to make a million dollars overnight.
  • you aren't committed to success.
  • you think slapping a website up will create a booming business.

The eDesign Missing Manual Includes ...

 A 75+ page digital instruction eBook to download straight to your computer. You can learn at YOUR pace – go through everything fast if you’re an on-fire kind of learner or take things a week at a time and let the information sink in slowly.

Exercises that include: what to charge, your ideal client profile, your services menu and how to position your offerings to earn what you're worth.

A closer look at what you'll learn:

  • Business Basics    7
  • Defining Your Brand
  • Creating Your Niche
  • How To Identify & Find Your Perfect Clients
  • Your Ideal Client Worksheet
  • Your Client’s Dear Diary Entry
  • How To Figure Out Which Clients Are A Waste Of Time And Which Ones Are The Perfect Fit
  • What About The Competition?
  • Survey Says…
  • How To Create Edesign Services Your Clients Want
  • How To Figure Out What To Charge Your Client
  • Getting Paid
  • Design Project Flow
  • Putting The Completed Project Together
  • Comparison Of Design Software Features
  • The How And What Of Delivering Your Designs To Your Eager Clients
  • How To Dazzle Your Clients After The Project
  • Getting Referrals From Your Clients
  • How To Get Your Website Up And Running
  • Search Engine Optimization For Designers
  • Finding Your Keywords
  • Be Professional With Your Social Profiles + Beyond
  • Read Their Mind, Open Their Wallets
  • Sales Funnels
  • The Key Ingredients You Need To Make Your Website Your Best Selling And Conversion Tool
  • Getting The Job With A Sales Page
  • Building Your Design Portfolio
  • Using Email Marketing Even Though It Seems So 1996
  • My #1 Strategy To Keep My List Thinking About From Day One
  • Sample Autoresponder Emails
  • Do You Really Have To Blog?
  • Content That Converts
  • How To Structure A Blog Post
  • Blog Post Checklist
  • How To Re-Purpose A Blog Post
  • Bonus Q + A Section
  • The Ultimate Roadmap

The eDesign Missing Manual will help you to establish your brand online and develop a successful business with time-tested, proven methods.

This Sounds Expensive. Is it?

This entire PDF eBook from soup to nuts is less than a fancy pair of designer jeans. Education can be expensive, but The eDesign Missing Manual is worth WAY more than the price tag.  

Stay with me now.

Imagine all the ways you could grow your business by yourself.

You could spend a year or more, scouring the Internet for answers. It could realistically take you years to create the world-class online business you dream of. But time is a valuable resource, and so is money.

I know because I spent thousands of dollars on my business education (you know - that stuff that they don’t really go over in college?). This eBook will teach you the same strategies I use every day in my own business. If you hired me to sit down and explain all the lessons inside this guide, it would cost you $2,500 for my time.

Instead, I decided to pass my knowledge onto you in one easy, affordable investment. With just your first client, you can more than recoup your purchase of this course.

You and I both know time is money. Invest in this creative business eBook, and you'll be in a position to make money much sooner than if you tried to do it all by yourself. And doing this all alone sucks. It's tough, and there are many pitfalls. I know, because I did it.

You won't find any fluff in this eBook – only the down and dirty details you need to create a successful business that puts money in your pocket, and a smile on your clients' faces.

Ready to start your new creative empire?

Here's the best part of it all.

Once you click the “Buy Now” button, you'll get instant access to the eBook. You'll be automatically directed to a page to download the entire course right onto your computer.

Are you ready to finally go from traditional business model to a flexible online business? Get Instant Access!

Still not sure? Here are some FAQs.

Is it for me?

If you want to work from home with an online business, this guide is for you. Or, if you're already working in your field and you want another income stream, this eBook will get you up and running. You'll learn everything there is to know about establishing, positioning and marketing yourself for online business success.

Do I need a website right now?

 Well, no, but you will want to build one to sell your services. To give you a head start, this eBook covers just some of the basics of setting up your website and blog.

Is this going to be full of technical details that I won’t understand?

First, I’m not a computer nerd, so you won't hear technical lingo from me. Instead, you'll get easy to understand instructions without all of the geek-speak.

What if I find this isn’t for me?

I’m so sure you're going to love this product that I'm offering a risk-free 30-day trial. If you work through the program and book, IT WORKS – promise. BUT! If for some reason, you're not happy with the product, submit a refund request and send me your completed worksheets and you'll get a full refund. There's literally nothing to lose!

How much money can I make adding or improving the online element of my business?

I get asked this a lot and it is a good question. At the same time, I’m not one of Dionne Warwick’s psychic friends. Your success depends on you. So you could be the next millionaire or you might not be. Some creative entrepreneurs do make their entire living online. That’s why you see big names in the field. But it takes work, no matter what.

Is this the same as "Sh*t! I Started A Business, Now What?" and the previous version of the e-Decorating Missing Manual?

This is 2018 updated and combined version of the two books. If you have purchased either of those eBooks before, you don't need this book. If you're looking for even more information, your best bet is to join the Society.

Every effort has been made to represent this eBook accurately.

As you know, with any business investment, there is no guarantee that you will have the same or similar results as those in our testimonials. With that said, when you buy a product from me you are making a cross your heart and kiss your elbow promise to yourself and to me that you'll put the tools and resources to work to ignite your business into a bonfire of badassery.