Create eDesign Presentations + Packages


Create eDesign Presentations + Packages


Imagine Being Able To Create Irresistible Interior Design Presentations + Packages So You Can Have A Waiting List Full of the Exact Type of Clients You Want to Work With, Who Are More Than Willing to Pay What You’re Worth. PLUS! Get 3-Month Unlimited Pro Plan at Mydoma when you purchase this course ($177 Value)!

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Do you want to be seen as the design visionary who is booked months in advance all because you know how to sell your IDEAS? Then let me show you how to take your presentation skills from basic to badass!

I’ve created a course that will show you how to Create Digital Interior Design Presentations + Packages so you can get over the techy shit, streamline your interior design project process and attract clients with beautiful visuals that create that'll have your clients throwing dollar bills at you!

Is this you?

  • Trying every cool new tool under the sun but committing to none (and forgetting to cancel them before the 30-day trial period is up...damnit!)
  • You're quaking in your boots because you know that what you're showing to your clients now is bunk and you wish you could be like the cool designers who have those awesome visuals of your work?
  • You'd love to be able to bust out designs like a ninja all by yourself, but you're terrified of ACTUALLY being able to do it yourself?
  • Making up your design process as you go along & re-creating it from scratch everytime you land a new client (read: spending a crap ton of time on stuff you don’t even like!)
  • Ready to charge more for your design services because you can show how creative you really are?

Then we need to talk.

You know that there are a like a bazillion different pieces of design software and apps that you could be using to communicate your ideas to the world.  You know because you've become a Google Queen searching in vain for a solution that would actually work for you.

Only problem? You're currently stuck on the cul-de-sac of indecision because you aren't sure which one to pick.  Well, forget it. You'd need a Ph.D. to figure out which software will work for you all while you wasted a shit ton of time.

It's time to stop researching and just start designing!

That's where Creating Digital Interior Design Presentations comes in... While you've been looking for an all-in-one solution to create design presentations and packages (hint: it doesn't exist).  My goal is to give you an EASY process that will show you how to pull together a floor plan, 3D renderings,  a mood board, shopping list all in a pretty lil PDF that will blow your client's minds!

You can expect to:

  • Finally, nail down your design process so you can accurately and clearly communicate your design ideas.
  • Showing up as the designer with the presentation skills that PROVE you are a professional with awesome design presentations that will set you apart, allow you to charge higher fees and attract better clients.
  • The exact process of how to pull together a design project presentation from beginning to end that won’t have you pulling your hair out.
  • Increase your profits and save time by creating templates to making your own design package formulas you can use over and over again!
  • See how to make professional 2D and 3D plans in minutes on your computer that literally are eye-catching.
  • Lets your clients see your designs clearly and avoid costly mistakes the first time, every time


The Truth About Creating Digital Interior Design Presentations

While we all have been looking for an all-in-one solution to create design presentations, that solution does not really exist.  My goal is to give you a couple different ways for you to easily learn how to pull together a floor plan 3D renderings,  a mood board all in a concise lil PDF that you can send to your clients that will have them blown away.

Here's the really important part to know:  I am not selling you software. I am showing you how to use software that is a couple hundred dollars to create your floor plans and 3D renderings in minutes. For the purpose of this course, I am using Home Designer® Architectural 2017 that is available for Mac + PC. 

I am also going to show you how to use free apps on the internet to pull this all together in a PDF format. If you're not interested in purchasing the software I use in the training to create the floor plans and 3D renderings, preferring to use another piece of software that's your choice.

Creating Digital Interior Design Presentations + Packages Has Never Been Easier

What You Will Get In This Video Course:

  • Video #1: Putting Up The Walls (24 minutes)
  • Video #2: Putting In The Furniture (15 minutes)
  • Video #3: Creating Your Shopping List With Google Docs Spreadsheet (22 minutes)
  • Video #4: Create Your Shopping List With Mydoma (15 minutes)
  • Video #5: Creating A Mood Board With Canva (10 minutes)
  • Video #6: Creating A Mood Board With Mydoma (3 minutes)
  • Video #7: Design Package Assembly Part One (18 minutes)
  • Video #8: Design Package Assembly Part Two (24 minutes)
  • Video #9: Applying Real Materials + Swatches (2 minutes)
  • Video #10: Change The Color Of The Walls + Remove The Camera From Plan View (1 minute)
  • Video #11: Create An Elevation (1 minute)


  • 3-Month Unlimited Pro Plan With Mydoma included with this course purchase ($177 Value)

  • Sample Design Package + Done-For-You Notes To Include

My As To Your Qs

Will you have to buy software? Well, if you want to use the exact software I'm using, yes. But it is only a couple hundred dollars (so much more affordable than CAD or other solutions). After I invested in design software ($1200 back in the day) I made my money back within the first month. Seriously. So this is seriously a drop in the bucket and so worth it. Or you can use some other software if you wanna, I'm just showing you the easiest way I've found to quickly get a design presentation pulled together.

Does the course include the software? Yes and No. Like I said, this is a course where I teach you how to put together a design presentation. You have to make a separate purchase and buy the design software (either the one I'm using or another one). The good news is that you will get a 3-Month Unlimited Pro Plan FREE on Mydoma.

What software are you using in this course? 

  • Create floor plans, space plans and renderings with Home Designer® Architectural 201 (about $200) 
  • Create a shopping list with Google Spreadsheets (free), or Mydoma (3-Month Unlimited Pro Plan $177 Value Included With This Course)
  • How to create a mood board with Canva (free), or Mydoma 

Is there additional support for this course?

There is not. 

This is for you if:

  • You want a simple way to make your design presentations without having to read a boring manual
  • You just want to get in there and  start pumping designs out within a couple hours
  • You want your clients to see how creative you are
  • You'll be able to show your clients what they are going to get from you so they can feel confident hiring you
  • You want an easy-to-follow formula to create design packages every time
  • You're ready to put a design process in place that allows you to get more profitable and more strategic when running your design business so you don't have to reinvent the wheel with every new client

I created this course because I'm so tired of seeing designers struggle to find an easy-to-use solution to present their ideas to clients. It's one thing to say you've got the design skills it's another to actually show it.