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Your Interior Design Business Marketing Plan: Done For You

You need an interior design marketing plan that you can execute on. Stop leaving your marketing tasks till the end of the month. An interior design marketing plan is the essential ingredient to growing your bottom line, but it's the task designers want to push to the bottom of the task list.  I can guarantee you that you're leaving money on the table.

That's where the monthly interior design marketing plan comes in. Each marketing plan comes with ideas for you to put in place for the NEXT month. Stop chasing sales, instead bring the clients to you.

Included in each monthly interior design marketing plan is:

  • Blog Post Ideas that are related to what’s happening within the next month so you’re ahead of the marketing game. 
  • A Newsletter that you can email out this month to your list to make sure you’re staying on your prospect’s mind. (Also included as a Word Doc.)
  • Money Making Ideas Yep! I’ve got 6 money making ideas you can use now to make some money.
  • Design Tips that you can share on social media to share with your fans.
  • Sales + Lead Prompts that help you promote yourself on social media when you’re feeling scared and not sure what in the hell you’re supposed to say, all without sounding like a sleaze bag.
  • Business Tips to help you keep up with the virtual dusting and cleaning of your business. 

The 12 months done-for-you plan that will keep you ahead of the game so you can work smarter not harder. Put my ideas to work for you.