Business Coach For Holistic Interior Designers
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Your interior design business is THE next big thing.

Except you have One Small Problem … You have no idea how to make it happen.

You are:

  • Effin’ smart & passionate & pouring your heart-n-soul into your biz...only to get a lot of crickets (read: unopened emails & an empty PayPal account) in response

  • Feel like you’re in a constant fog – always rushing to read yet another blog post, hoping it holds the “big secret” to success you can’t seem to find

  • Have a shiz ton of irons in the fire, but nothing seems to really be working (read; you’re still struggling to find a steady stream of clients & you pray nightly that somebody besides your mom will start commenting on your well-thought-out blog posts)

  • Keep snapping up online course after online course (because you OBVIOUSLY “need to learn more”) – but they just sit on your hard drive collecting dust

  • Aren’t confident in your packages or what you offer, so you don’t even try to market them

  • Suck at talking to potential clients because your biz is so new (how the eff can you convince someone to buy from you when you don’t even know what you’re truly selling?)

  • Have no clue if your website is done “right” or if it’s got everything it’s supposed to

  • Are plain old fucking stuck (and sick of it)!

Then, your time is now.

All of the ways that you show how to think outside of the box and wow my clients. I felt a burst of creativity take over! ~Julie J.

Through this one-on-one, laser-focused high vibe sesh you’ll get the strategy to grow your design empire.  I’m talking 100% straight up feedback and custom advice from someone who’s been there, done that and got the damn shot glass. (Okay, a few shot glasses.)

To get started: pay for your session schedule your call. Then when your appointment day arrives, we will hop on a Zoom video call and get right to work.

You have focused me and got me thinking in the right way. I’m excited about creating and defining my biz now. ~Susan V.

Alycia had great suggestions and really made me feel like I was heading in the right direction. I am putting my plan into action and will be calling her in a few months to review so I can take my online business even further! ~Amy P.