Holistic Interior Design Crystals


Crystals are something that many of us have been attracted to for most of our lives, and I’d venture to wager a bet that most of us never stopped to wonder if there were any benefits to learning more about their properties. Am I right?

I know I didn’t until a few years ago when I went down the rabbit hole, as they say, to see if there was any scientific information beyond the woo-woo stuff that we’ve heard about.

Brief History of Crystal Healing

Crystals and minerals have been used for thousands of years to helps us with physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

You can go back thousands of years and find that crystals have been used since ancient times in practically every ancient civilization in all sorts of different capacities.

Ancient Egyptians used crystals in various ways. Cleopatra would have Lapis Lazuli crushed and would wear it as an eyeshadow for enlightenment. Many wore crowns adorned with crystals, also for enlightenment. They also buried their dead with quartz crystals on the foreheads of the deceased to guide them in the afterlife.

Mayans used green jade for funeral masks, while Aztecs used obsidian for weapons.

Chinese medicine often includes using crystal-tipped needles for acupuncture and in their Pranic healing sessions that have a history of over 5,000 years. Also, green jade has been valued for centuries as a lucky charm.

Ancient Greeks would crush hematite on their soldier's bodies thinking it made the soldiers invincible.

The ancient Romans had protective talismans or amulet made from crystals for protection, attracting prosperity or for good outcomes in battle.

Native Americans would carry around stones in their medicine bags.

Crystals are mentioned hundreds of times throughout the Bible. The 12 stones used in Aaron’s breastplate that represented the 12 tribes.

Today in modern technology, quartz is used in computer screens, watches, radios, computer chips, satellites, sonar, cars and tons of other technology.Shit Happens

Whether it’s has to deal with past trauma, the family dynamic, or even the draining effects of the technology in the home, misalignment within the body happens.

Knowing more information about your clients needs are allow you to tailor a holistic design service, including crystals, that will help them to address something they’d like to focus on.

Why Crystals?

Energy is everything. Our bodies, our thoughts, our words, our beliefs are all energy.

“Physical” atoms are made up of energy that is constantly vibrating at its unique vibrational rates according to its atomic structure(s).

No matter how solid an object, matter, may appear they are actually porous, and there can be teeny, tiny holes between the molecules where energy is.

The frequency that a human body vibrates at can become unstable and low. Because we have our own unique vibrational frequency, actually we have multiple frequencies within our body, not just one, we seek to be in resonance with

When the cell membranes within our bodies encounter a vibrational frequency, via our receptor antennae, we will entrain with that frequency, and that will affect our bodies.

Enter the holistic interior design crystals.

So if you bring the right crystals within the environment, the crystals will entrain the cell membranes within our bodies to resonant at a higher frequency. Crystals allow us to change our frequencies in our bodies and our environment, so we’re aligned more.

Whether you’re interested in incorporating crystals into your Feng Shui practice or in simply adding them to your holistic interior design business without sticking to the specific methodology of Feng Shui, you’ll find that their ability to raise the vibration of a space to be amazing.

Each crystal has its own stable vibrational frequency where we have many vibrational frequencies within our bodies that at various points in our lives are not stable or even high-frequency.

Home Is Sacred

Everyone can agree that our homes are our own sacred spaces. While we may have a spot in the house that we dedicate to daily prayer and meditation, our entire home is our sacred space. And every element within a home, furniture, and accessories must be considered for the energy it brings into the house.

While we have no control over the environments that we experience in the world, our home is the one place where we can control the environment because everything within our environment affects us.

There must be a spiritual, not religious, intention when approaching holistic interior design. And a deep knowing that our homes help in our own self-care, the temple of our spirit brings so much more meaning to the work that a Holistic Interior Designer does.

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