Holistic Interior Design


Holistic interior design is good for the mind, body, and spirit, and that is why it will be the next “big thing” in the industry.

But that’s not why you’re interested in it. It’s not just a trend; it’s your soul’s work.

Holistic: characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

I think we can all agree that a holistic approach to interior design is needed more now than ever.

I’ve often pondered why holistic interior design hasn’t been a more significant “thing” when you can look to your best friend or someone in your family and see that they desperately need some balance in their life. Maybe it’s because the colleges don’t teach it because they’d rather get people in their schools to graduate and then continue through their associations to get certifications and such to line their pockets? 🤷‍♀️Or perhaps it is the fact that many of the mealing modalities are considered “pseudoscience” at this point. Whatever the case, we can agree that it is needed.

As we usher in this new era of design, I’m hopeful that we can grow holistic interior design businesses with an empathetic heart that our clients need because the last thing we need is HGTV and a bunch of fake shaman fucking this all up for us. Right?

Why Holistic Interior Design Matters

In the last 50 years, we have so much more information about how the human body and mind work that scientists are starting to understand. We’re moving away from the old Newtonian point of view where doctors would look at the body and see mechanical systems that needed to be fixed whether that was the earliest medicine methods of using surgery to newer methods of prescribing a pill to be the cure all. And while those methods have been useful, we’re starting to understand that we are energy bodies that what actually animates our existence needs to be addressed to prevent the degradation within our bodies before we need to seek outside assistance from the medical community whenever possible.

As more people understand that we are energy, as is everything around us, understanding the energetic network and the subtle energies around us including those in our homes is key to the future of holistic interior design. When we begin to address our own energetic patterns that guide how we respond physically, I believe we can see a real change in our existence for the better.

Starting A Holistic Interior Design Business

The steps to start a holistic interior design business are much the same for starting a “regular” interior design business. I think the biggest difference is knowing that the work that you will be doing will be sacred and you must set the intention that with every client to hold them and their project in high regard.


The intention within your holistic interior design business will be about how you want to help people heal and find the balance in their lives. We spend a vast majority of our lives indoors, and those spaces need to support our clients as they seek to live a healthy lifestyle whether that is to help them with their relationships, their health or their soul.

Whether you need to deal with the energy of the client and their family, the energy of their furniture + accessories, the energy of their home or all of it - energy and finding a way to balance the mind, body, and spirit is at the foundation to the work that a holistic interior designer does.


How you choose to help your clients using holistic interior design methods will depend on what you are drawn to learning more about. You may find that you are interested in using multiple methods to help your clients.

Modalities to explore:

FENG SHUI // An ancient Chinese art to balance spatial energy.

COLOR THERAPY // Chromotherapy aimed to heal through the use of color.

CRYSTAL HEALING // Use of crystals to align, clear, and transform energy.

AROMATHERAPY // Use of natural extracts from plants to promote well-being.

SOUND HEALING // Vibrational medicine to stimulate healing.

LIGHT THERAPY // Use of artificial light to improve circadian cycles and ease SAD symptoms.

SUSTAINABILITY // Use of renewable resources and specifying products having a minimum impact on the environment.

SACRED GEOMETRY // Sacred geometry used to evoke feelings of comfort and oneness.

REIKI // Clearing of energy in a space.

ASTROLOGY // Integrating natal chart information based on astrological signs.

NUMEROLOGY // Using home address numbers to discern how to enhance a home based on its numerological number.

ENERGY + SPACE CLEARING // Cleansing and clearing of negative energy in a home.

BIOPHILIC // Increase connectedness to nature.

Once you discover how you want to help others in your holistic interior design business, then it is up to you to market that business. You can learn more about there here.

Using Crystals for Holistic Interior Design

Knowing that we, and everything in our world, are made up of energy, but more so than that is the fact that we possess a spirit where we interact with the energies that affect us in ways that we can see and sense and other time in ways that we can’t.

These energies that are always around us, affecting us in positive and negative ways, should lead us to seek natural ways to raise our vibration and help us to heal ourselves on the physical and emotional level.

Within our bodies, we have many energy systems, all vibrating at different frequencies, that are affected by what our etheric bodies come into contact with. Those higher vibrational frequencies that we experience can provide a type of nutrient to our physical internal systems. When there is a lack of flow of negative energetic disturbances to our systems, they can manifest at the physical level.

That’s why I’m passionate about integrating crystals into holistic interior design. When a crystal is brought into your etheric field, your body can entrain with it’s stable, high-frequency energy that allows the mind, body, and spirit to find a state of balance as well as enable the physical self to heal. You can read more on how crystal work here.

Of course, this is not to say that if you need immediate medical attention that you should use a crystal, then you need to go to the doctor ASAP. What we’re talking about here is finding and achieving balance in our daily lives (accidents, major illness aside) through the use of crystals. Follow me to dig into crystal healing and applying it to your holistic interior design business.

What’s Your Sign? How Astrology Can Help You + Your Clients

Astrology is one of the modalities that I mentioned earlier that I believe can be applied to holistic interior design. You’ve probably seen those articles (most written by some noob) that talk about what type of decor is best suitable for your zodiac sign.

If you choose to become a student of astrology and holistic interior design I think there are some massive implications there to help support your clients embrace their life purpose, grow into it and find peace with their time here on the third rock from the sun.

Beyond that, I’ve found that it is an excellent tool to help you uncover who your dream clients are and how your own birth chart is your built-in marketing plan that makes the process of building your brand a lot easier than throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks. If you’re interested in learning more about business astrology, follow me.

Marketing Your Holistic Interior Design Business

Marketing a holistic interior design business is going to be somewhat different than the strategy of marketing a “regular” interior design business. While you still need to give value to your clients and answer their clients through your inbound marketing strategies, your role is to help them see that the things that ail their mind, body and spirit can be addressed through a holistically design environment.

The good news is that every day this area of interior design is being seen less as some fantastical woo AF method and is accepted by those who seek to find natural and less intrusive remedies.

Read to dive into how to marketing your holistic interior design business? Let’s do this.

Learn All About Growing Your Interior Design Business

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