My A’s to Your Q’s

How do I know if this is the right place for me?

Like a great pair of yoga pants, you've got to try it on to know how fantastic it feels. When you commit to a group mastermind like this and implement the strategies to grow your business, you will get results - and that, my friend, feels better than even the most luxurious Lululemons!

I'm not in the United States, will this information work for my business?

Because my experience is based on living and marketing in the United States that is who the Society aims to serve. All training shared in the Society is based on the online marketing strategies, using software and social media platforms that are accessible in the US. Basically? I can't guarantee that any of the information will apply to your specific location in the world.

Is this a one time fee or a recurring fee?

Each month you are a member of the Society, your credit card will be billed if you choose the Monthly membership. If you choose the Annual membership, you'll be billed once per year. If you choose the Lifetime membership, you pay once.

When does this all start?

As soon as you join you get instant access, baby!

Do we get access to you?

Yes! I'm in the Private Community Forum every day and at each Q + A Sesh.

Can we do 1-on-1 coaching work in the Society?

No, sugar tush. While I'm in the group to help you and answer questions, this is not a coaching program. There's too many peeps for me to make that feasible at this low price. 

Should I join the Society or hire you for private coaching?

If your funds are limited and you're ready to dig in to do the work yourself, the Society is the perfect option. If you need to get really specific with strategies related to your business, nor have the time to implement the tons of training inside of the Society, then private coaching with me might be the better option.

How do I get "in" to the Society?

Following your checkout, you'll receive an email with your login details to get instant access to the Society and all the goodies inside it.

The Society is the answer to all of my questions about running and building a successful empire!
— Kati S.

Do I get access to all of your courses in the shop?

No, not all of the courses in the Shop are included with your Society membership, they are a separate purchase. Link to available courses.

How often does new training come out?

As members request it. Got a burning question about how to use or do something, I'll be there to help walk you through it.

What if I don't love the Society?

I'm pretty sure you're gonna heart it in a BIG way... it's jam-packed with value and support. But you can leave anytime you want, and never pay another cent. Your membership is billed on a month-to-month basis. If you wish to cancel in the middle of your term, your membership will be active for the rest of your 30 day subscription. You can cancel within the membership website on your personal account page. If you do decide to cancel, we'll be sad to see you go! You will of course be welcomed back at any time at the current fee (which may be higher than when you first joined.)

Can my entire company have access to the Society?

Your login may only be used by one person – a single login shared by multiple people is not permitted. 

What's the refund policy?

Refunds are not available on the membership fee. I put my heart and soul in delivering trainings and tools that you can use right away so you can get that success you deserve, but if the timing just isn't right for you anymore, you are free to cancel if you need to - no harm, no foul.

I was afraid that the advice and extras would be lame, not relevant to me and my business. I was happily surprised when I joined the Society.

The constant engagement is wonderful. It is really great that we can not only talk amongst the other designers in the Society, but also engage with Alycia weekly. She has created a wonderful service and given me extra tools in my toolkit. I also love swearing. I love it. It gives me life. Go check her out she is the real fucking deal.
— Natalie S.