Did you start your interior design business to become your own worst enemy?

More often than not you find yourself being busy, but not really getting the important shit done to take your interior design business to the next level.

You started your interior design business because you know it's your life's purpose to create beautiful spaces. 

But the business part? You'd rather sit through a marathon of The Kardashians than deal with it.

Let’s cut to the chase, sister:

You’re excited + ambitious + more than ready to grow your interior design business into a huge, money-making reality but you need some clarity on how to pull it all together. 

That’s why I created Design Your Year Planning Party.

An online workshop for you to get rid of the clutter inside your "Boss Brain" and create the action plan to achieve them throughout this coming year. Awesome, right?

Alycia is the real deal. Her advice is so spot on.
— Mary Etta M.

The Guts of Design Your Year Planning Party (aka What You’ll Learn + What’s Included):

You'll join me LIVE in our online classroom on December 19, 2017, with your worksheets in hand and I'll walk you through these 7 steps to design your year.*


Step 1: Reflecting
You're gonna see what your business numbers are telling you. You'll discover how much money you made and how profitable your business really was. 


Step 2: Dreaming
If this past year had you feeling like you were running around like a chicken with its head cut off, then now is the time to look back on what shifts you need to make.

design your yearr.jpg

Step 3: Profiting
Let’s talk coin. You’ll fine-tune your current design services to find that profitable sweet spot in your design business and grow your revenue streams expertly.


Step 4: Batching
Time to get your time back! You'll create and commit to owning your time so you can grow, instead of wasting time on busywork.


Step 5: Funneling
Scary sales funnels begone! You'll lay out your unique sales funnel so you can turn your raving fan into excited client.


Step 6: Messaging
Your message sells. You'll get strategic about the content you’re going to put out into the world to attract your dream client.


Step 7: Marketing
Every month is an opportunity for you to attract your tribe and grow your bottom line. You'll make a plan of attack that you'll stick to.

*Make sure to bring (or have access to) your business numbers, like a Profit + Loss report, a list of your design services, their prices, how much you sold... basically you need to have access to your money numbers so that you can fill out the worksheets that are apart of doing the work.

I feel like my blindfold has been taken off and I’ve gained much-needed clarity
on what changes I need to make to my biz so that I can land clients.
— Julie J.

The Nitty Gritty:

What? A LIVE Design Your Year Planning Party workshop where I'll guide you through the steps to designing your year. Got a question during the party? I'll answer it. 

When? December 19, 2017 at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time. I'll aim to wrap this party up within a couple hours.

Where? Online via Zoom

Recorded? Yes! I'll send out a link to get the recording of our Design Your Year Planning Party for those who couldn't attend or want to revisit the fun!

This Is Totally For You If…

  • You wear all the hats in your business and need a plan to keep yourself from becoming an alcoholic due to overwhelm.
  • You're ready to discipline your ass, make smart decisions and get clarity about the direction your business needs to take next year.
  • You’re excited to create a personalized ACTION plan that you can easily implement into your growing design business.
  • You’re a big girl + action taker but need help actually getting a strategy in place that’ll make your business shine.

But It’s Prob Not Right For You If…

  • You haven’t worked with at least a handful of paying clients and not totally sure what your business is really about.
  • You don't have any idea what your income and expenses are.
  • You want someone to whip up a magical spell to create a dream business for you (as awesome as that’d be there’s no magic spells here).
  • You don’t have the time or the desire to put in the hard work + take action.

Today is the day you choose to commit to your success.

Alycia is an expert on what she teaches.
— Alejandra C.


Let’s talk dollas.

You can reserve your spot in Design Your Year Planning Party with an easy one-time investment of $197.

You can pay with a credit card and/or PayPal. You’ve got options, girl.


Design Your Year

A workshop happening December 19, 2017 to map out your profitable year... in a day.

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My A's To Your Q's

If I'm unable to attend, can I do this at a later time? 

If you can't be with me live on the day of the event, I will send out a recording of the event. 

Is this for me?

If you've been in business for a while and are struggling to find the focus you need to grow the business, then this is for you. If you've just started your business, this isn't for you.

What if I decide this wasn't for me, may I get a refund?

Nope. Please only sign up if you're committed. If you have questions ask before you sign up, contact the team.

How long will this class take? 

I'm estimating about two hours. I'll be there LIVE, in the flesh and ready to be the party hostess with the mostest. If peeps got questions, I'll have answers that won't be rushed or totally general. 

What should I bring to the Design Your Year Planning Party?

Print out your business numbers, like your Profit + Loss report, a list of your design services, their prices, how much you sold... basically you need to have access to your money numbers. 

Can you help me figure out the exact services/freebie/funnel/price point/etc. for my design business?

Not during this Design Your Year Planning Party. Our focus is going to be looking at what worked, what didn't work and making a plan to move forward with moi as your facilitator. If you need specific advice for your design business, you need to book a Strategy Sesh.