Your First Deadly Website Sin (And How To Fix It)

When potential clients land on your website, they have 8 seconds to make a decision about you. Does your site hook them right away? Or does it give them a reason not to care?

If you and I had businesses like Starbucks, everyone would know our name, know what we do, and who we do it for. That would be because we have lots of dinero to run these kick ass media campaigns all over and no one would dare ask “Do you think I could get iced coffee at this Starbucks place?”

Face the music – you DON’T have Starbucks’ ad budget, so you have to make damn sure every piece you DO have works hard for you.

That’s why you need to perfect the top few inches of space on your site – your header.

  1. Use it wisely or pay the consequences. The website header (the image that runs across the top of your website home page) is the most valuable piece of real estate you own online. In other words - muy importante! Think of it as your billboard your clients see next to the highway. You can’t afford to waste the space on a crappy stock photo. That doesn’t mean it should scream something shocking like “Find Out Who The Real Baby Daddy Is!” to get your point across - it can still be classy and have a point.

  2. Let them know you’ve arrived, darling. Remember - this is the first thing people see, so it’s your best opportunity to put your flag in the sand, announce what you do and what you want ME to do when I get to your site first.

  3. Keep it simple, tell them what you do. When I pop on your website, do I know instantly what you can do for me? If you make my brain hurt trying to figure out what you are doing for me, I will click away and find someone who CAN help.

  4. Make it work twice as hard. Use your header to gather leads and build your email list. Building a thriving email list should always be your goal, and this is the ideal place to get people interested in joining.

  5. Make it look really good. The header sets the tone for your entire online space. If it’s boring as fuck or looks cheap and cheesy, you’re setting yourself up for lower paying clients – or worse, no clients at all.

  6. Show some personality. Don’t waste this opportunity by going for bland. Use your picture, use your colors, use some cool sketches or your art. Show off your work. Make it totally and unmistakably you.

A great header design is worth so much on your website. It sets the tone for your business relationships, the clients you want to attract and how they interact with you.

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