Let me just start by saying I know how it is.

When it comes to your business, you're a boss.

But put you in front of a computer + ask you to make a website look good and get you clients? Fuck. That. Noise.

Life’s hard enough without having to figure out how to put a website together or figuring out how to add the email signup form code.

And that “cool logo” you’ve tried to pound out in Photoshop is more Justin Bieber than Justin Timberlake (read: hot mess v. hotter-than-hell).

We can’t have that, now can we?

Dudette, real talk. Is this you?

  • You're pissed off that you spent money on a website and it still isn't generating sales for you...

  • You signed up for Mailchimp and you still haven't done a damn thing with it because you're not sure what that little monkey really has to do to with your business...

  • You’ve watched 27 video tutorials by that nerdy dude – and yet you still haven’t quite mastered Canva/Photoshop/insert-annoying-ass-graphic-design-software-here...

  • You need a brand and website that attracts your loyal tribe and generates leads like a mofo...

It’s time to stop the madness!

Just think...

  • What if your online presence was as aesthetically-pleasing (and kickass) as the work you do for clients?

  • What if every page was so smokin' hot that your prospects were scrambling to find the “WORK WITH ME” button within minutes?

  • What if you walked away with a website that you can update on your own, anytime you need to?

And having a misaligned, deserted, and graphically challenged site? It’s a big fat red flag for your prospects. And it’s costing you tons of clients, thousands of dollars and a huge chunk of your dignity.

You’re a professional whose website’s still hanging out in Amateurville.

So how about this: I create an online space worthy of your awesome...and you sit back + focus on your work.

Yup. I’ll create an entire website - header-to-footer – that’s beautiful, unique + uber professional. And you can ditch the website shame for good.

Wanna learn more? Keep a-scrollin’, tiger.

The Goods (aka What You Get):


The Essentials:

Squarespace Website Design

  • 8 Pages Of Your Choice (You Provide the Content, I Make It Purdy and Engaging), Such As:

    • Home

    • About

    • Services Pages (Up to 3)

    • Portfolio Page (3 Total Galleries)

    • Blog (Up to 5 posts)

    • Testimonials

    • Contact Page + Form

    • Client Questionnaire Page

  • Newsletter Opt-in Forms (Mailchimp, Convertkit or Mailerlite)

  • Connect to Custom Domain Name

  • Search Engine Optimization (AKA Getting targeted traffic to your website)

  • Detailed Built-in Website Analytics

  • Desktop + Mobile Responsive


The Extras:

Brand Identity

  • 1 Logo Design (You Pick Your Fave Out of 3 Concepts + Get 2 Revisions)

  • Secondary Mark Design (Graphic Element to Use as Watermark on Design Work)

  • Brand Identity Style Sheet for Easy Peasy Access to All Your Company’s New Brand Elements Which Includes:

    • Company Color Palette

    • Company Fonts

    • At-A-Glance Overview of Graphic Brand Elements


Few Bangin' Bonuses:

Support You Can Count On

  • A 60-minute Strategy Sesh to Chat About You, Your Brand + Have Crazy Amounts of Fun (I’ve been told I’m a damn good time)

  • Your Email List Setup, Done. I Will Get Your Mailchimp (or Convertkit or Mailerlite) Account Set Up With Your Banging Opt-in (That You Provide) That Will Send Out Automagically to Your Subscribers.

  • 2 Rounds of Revisions (That’s Up to 2 Full Hours of Adjustments)


What This Package Does Not Include:

  • Domain purchase & registration

  • Purchase of Squarespace package

  • Purchase of an email marketing service subscription

  • Transfer of content from old site to new site

  • Monthly Maintenance

  • Purchase of clip art or stock photography. If you require special graphics, let’s discuss before we start the project. Branded Photography choices can be purchased.

  • Copywriting

How We Roll (aka My Process):

  1. You get the ball rollin’ by paying + you'll fill out a sweet questionnaire. This signals to me you’re all in.

  2. You’ll receive your special invite to our Exclusive Project Headquarters where we’ll be hangin’ out over a couple of weeks. You’ll also receive a link to schedule your 60-minute Strategy Sesh.

  3. Strategy Sesh begins. You + I shoot the shit about all things your brand via Zoom - armed with Sbux, naturally.

  4. You'll create a Pinterest Inspiration Board (finally, when you say “working” but are really on Pinterest, you won’t be lying!)

  5. I whip up 3 snazzy logo designs for your viewing (and choosing) pleasure, and you pick your favorite, letting me know what you’d like to switch + ditch (up to 2 revisions).

  6. I revise the logo to your specs and present it to you all fancy like. (If additional revisions are needed, I’m happy to help you out at a standard fee of $75 per revision.)

  7. Then, I create your custom Brand Identity Style Sheet that masterfully presents each element listed above. You review and give me your revisions, one round only this time (‘cause time is money, honey).

  8. I present your new bangin' brand identity. You check it over and give me your revisions (one round only this time, too).

  9. You shoot me the content for up to 8 pages, and I load all your beautifully branded shizz and content onto your new site so we can see it in all of its glory with keywords integrated on your pages.

  10. You decide which email service you'd like to use (I can suggest the best one for your stage of business) and you'll sign up. Then give me your freebie and login details. so I can set it all up.

  11. You review website for a a few days and at the end, submit all your revisions in one delightful lil’ batch.

  12. I make revisions at your request, ‘cause I’m cool like that.

  13. Your site is finally primed + ready for launch as soon as you give me the word.

  14. Boom! You're all set up like magic all in two weeks time.


This Shit's for You If...

  • you’re a new or established creative entrepreneur + wanna kick ass from the get-go (smartypants)

  • you're not techy at all and want a website that you can update all by yourself once we're done getting down to business

  • your current online branding needs a major, professional upgrade

  • your wanna make sure your brand is unique + professional + shows off your style (that’s a tall order - but happens to be my specialty!)

  • you’re tired of having a patchy, all-over-the-place kinda brand with no real identity

  • you’re the upgrade-me-to-first-class, how ‘bout we order a JUMBO kinda gal - you don’t just want a piece; you wanna eat the whole cake (because this package covers it all)

You Can Scoot Along If...

  • you wanna sit back + not do any of the work - I need you to work with me so we can get to the core of your brand + personal essence + create a special, true-to-you brand experience (‘cause who knows you better than you? Hopefully no one!)

  • you want someone to tweak your existing site - I prefer to work from scratch, not remix somebody else’s shit (even if it’s wonderful shit)

  • you want a website on another platform like Wordpress or Wix or Whatever

  • you live somewhere in the world that isn't the United States, Canada, United Kingdom or Australia


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Frequently Asked Questions (aka Other Shit You Might Be Wondering)

How long does it take?

On el average-o, this process takes about 2 weeks.

Why should I pick you? What makes you different?

First off, I’ve been where you are. I’ve been creating websites since the Stone Age of the Internet and I had to create my own brand identity from the ground up. As a self-taught designer, I’ve learned it all from experience. I’ve discovered firsthand what works and what doesn’t work (aka: what attracts clients like bees to honey and what sends ‘em running for the hills).

What if we aren’t a perfect match?

Oh, yes - the million dollar question! This is why I'm happy to hop onto a FREE 15-minute consult before I even get near your website. If you and I feel like we’re a match made in design-heaven, you pay for your project (which means everybody else can hit the road, ‘cause you and I are about to go steady for the entire duration of your project). If down the road it feels like we’re not jivin’ how you’d like, no biggie - I will refund 50% of the fee.

How do I pay?

By credit card or PayPal. 

Do your provide website hosting?

Hosting is included when you purchase your Squarespace website. You will sign up with them and choose the package that fits your business needs. 

I live in a far-away land. Why can't you help me?

Because the interwebs are different in your far-away land. 

This sounds cool but like...I don’t know what my design style is!

Don’t sweat it. Between our chat + my uber-tailored design questionnaire, we’ll really get to the nitty gritty of your style, all while having a fucking blast. Guaranteed.

Are you willing to work with pieces I already have?

Yes and no. It’s possible we might be able to keep a few elements you reeaaallllly love from your current brand, but please come prepared to let go of elements that don’t fully serve the future of you + your brand.