You Don't Need 100 Interior Design Clients

You Don't Need 100 Interior Design Clients-.png

How many interior design clients do you wish you had? 100? You don't need 100 interior design clients. This month.

If you can handle 100 interior design clients this month you are:

a) A Super Hero

b) A Meth Head

Any interior designer  who works primarily on their own couldn't handle 100 design clients in one month.

What you need is a handful of design clients that you can pay careful attention to and give them fantastic service.

This isn't to say that you couldn't expand your reach or bottom line by creating digital products. Which means you would have to work less to boost your bottom line.

And if you don't ever want to create digital products, then think about it this way. You serve a niche. A very specific dream interior design client. Working with everyone sucks because you:

a) Sell your soul to El Diablo to make money

b) Everyone isn't awesome, but your dream clients are

c) Taking jobs that aren't in your sweet spot blows

How many interior design clients can you actually handle?


This is an exercise that interior designers should do.

1. How many hours in a week can you work?

2. How many hours do each of your offerings take (on average) to complete?

3. Divide your  hours in the week by project hours to see how many of each project type you can take on in any given week. Multiply it by 4 to get your clients for a month.

Now you know exactly how many clients you can actually work with. How does this help?

Think about marketing this to your advantage.

On your social networks you can let peeps know this...

"Yo party peoples, I only 2 more slots available this month, who is next?"

What does that do?

Create a sense of urgency in peeps. If they have been eye balling you they may see this as the push to get going.

So, how many clients can you handle a month?