Wishin' For Business Success? Don't

Bullshit Story #1: Wishing For Business Success

While I truly believe you need to have a positive mindset and a goal focused mindset, you can't wish for success.

I could sit here and wish for a delicious gluten free beer. And wish. And wish. 

That beer ain't gonna show up in my hands because I wished for it.

I would still need money to buy the beer and gas to get in the car to buy it. 

You must take action. The action that leads to money.

Bullshit Story #2: You can't follow someone else's formula for success

Some people will tell you that they have found the secret to success and if you follow it you'll be rolling in dough. 

There's a strategy for success but it's not one that you think it is.

There's, of course, the nuts and bolts in to getting your business running. Beyond that, the only thing you need to know is that YOU are the secret to success. If you don't inject your humanity into your business, success won't follow.

Bullshit Story #3: You have to wait for *insert something to happen*

Wait forever if you'd like but you won't be a success. Unless you chopped your head off in a terrible meat packaging incident, you have no excuse for not going after what you want. 

You don't need a perfect website (perfect doesn't mean it is a shit sandwich, it must be functional). You don't need a fucking logo. You don't need a business name. You don't need a graphic designer. 

You need to solve a problem, price it and communicate it. Period.

Bullshit Story #4: I don't know what to charge

Figure it out. Yes, it involves the maths... but it's not that hard. Figure out how much you want to earn, figure out what you need to sell to reach that. Package that baby up and sell it.

Bullshit Story #5: My clients are cheap/nonexistent

You're attracting the wrong clients. If you allow yourself to work with cheap clients, that's all on you. Hold yourself and your clients to a higher standard. 

If your clients tell you they can't afford you, let them find someone else. You don't need that headache. 

If you aren't charging enough, raise your prices. This isn't about there isn't enough people out there willing to pay you. You just haven't found the right people to sell to.

Success, money and dreamy clients come from being YOU, selling YOU and providing an EPIC experience.