Why You're Not Like Those Snobby Designers

woman with disco ball

I know you. And you're not like them at all.

I'm so tired hearing the rah-rah crap where we should be united as a community of design professionals, but obviously that's not what they really want.

While they say they want a community of designers who work to uplift and support one another, these are the same people who:

  • Won't help you.

  • Aren't willing to share a damn thing about how they run their business.

  • Won't share their vendors with you.

  • Won't encourage you.

  • Are scared shitless that you might embarrass them.

  • Talk shit about you behind your back.

  • Make fun of you and your style.

  • Roll their eyes at how "unprofessional" you are.

There will never be a uniformed community of design professionals.

There is always gonna be "us" vs. "them".

They're still figuring out how to come up with the most non-offensive website that appeals to everyone.

We're doing the shit that they need to be doing. 

They're still figuring out how to attract "the affluent" while they pass on all those other clients that might be a perfect fit simply because they aren't focused on what THEY bring to the table, but focus on the size of the client's wallet.

We're know what our business is really about and what our clients really need.

They're still presenting themselves online as a phony baloney person while behind closed doors they are talk shit about their clients.

We're speaking our minds and attracting the clients who value what we're born to do. 

They're putting in minimal effort and figuring out how to put in the least amount of work.

We're tackling the techy shit head on.

They're figuring out how invisible they can really be and still be profitable.

We're not afraid to show who we really are and doing it all online. Unapologetically.

They're obsessed with their image and forget that there is a client they need to speak directly to who couldn't give a rat's ass about that perfectly styled Instagram image.

We're committed to putting in the work so we get the results.

We are the designers they wish they could be. 

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.