Why SEO or Social Media Won't Save Your Sinking Design Business

Why SEO or SM Won't Save Your Sinking Design Business.png

SEO of a social media strategy alone won't save your business. Conversion is what you should be focusing on. 

Picking the right keywords or using the latest social media strategy won't save your business or help you attract the right clients. Your website needs to be the foundation of your business and you should be focusing MORE effort on growing your own website so that it empathizes with your client. 

Social media and SEO are some strategies that you can use to bring traffic to your website, but if you're not paying enough attention to the platform that you own you could be finding yourself in a world of hurt come this time next year. 

We're going through a period in time where the tech giants in the social media arena are hiding content and even forcing people off of their platforms.

Sometimes it's good to censor crazy people and we should be all for that. However, we are turning a corner where these platforms can also limit your reach or kick you off for spreading what is called fake news. 

Facebook has a new page about how their new fact-checking is going to work. While this sounds great... can I just posit to you something that could happen? 

In many ways, interior design is subjective. The holistic areas of interior design that affect our clients in a way that can't be proven by the scientific community could be a reason for a platform, like Facebook, to stop sharing your message on their platform. 

Whoever the fact-checkers on Facebook are, they will validate the accuracy of what is shared on their platform. Who these people are and how objective they are is yet to be seen. And let me add this, they need to be transparent about WHO their fact checkers are to even have a chance as being seen as objective.

YouTube is going to use Wikipedia for videos it deems as a conspiracy theory. Let that sink in.

Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

Beyond how ridiculous that is that? Say you want to do some post on how the color blue can help you to lose weight. What about the post you want to do with Feng Shui?  Or essential oils that someone should diffuse into their home to relax?

My favorite thing in the world of a holistic interior design is to incorporate crystals... which Wikipedia calls pseudoscientific alternative medicine, which is a part of what Wikipedia classifies as "medical conspiracy theories". 

I certainly don't believe that at all, but the bigger issue is that we're coming into the age where random people who may have biases will become the arbiters of truth. 

That is why I'm telling you that you MUST work on your website so that you attract traffic and capture those leads. Your website must then convert those leads. When you focus on that first, then dip your toes into mastering your social media strategies.

Then if the social media giants or their fact checkers decide to limit the reach of your message or completely ban your ass, you won't be devastated because you've been focused on the platform you own, your website.

If you need help with coming up with a marketing plan that doesn't take a bazillion hours a week, then join us in the Society and see how to streamline your marketing efforts so you can focus on the good shit like decor and wine.