Why Manifesting Is Bullshit


We live in a weird time. A time where people think they can wish for all sorts of things without working for said things.

You, my manifesting friend, are in for a rude awakening. 

I've seen more than enough posts in my Facebook feed about people who manifested a partner, a $100,000 day, a vacation, etc. They make it seem so easy and when you try it for yourself you end up looking around like WTF? I'm manifesting like a mofo and all I ended up was with the same shitty life I started with.

Here's the deal. If we instead called "Manifesting" something more accurate like "Goal Setting" everyone would be a lot less disillusioned.

For instance, I could sit here all day wishing for 20 clients and then not get a single client if I left everything up to the "universe"... which also pisses me off. It's God. Not the universe. Stars and planets do not give a single fuck what you're doing. That's like praying to your succulents. It's a stupid idea invented by people who are scared of faith by thinking that faith and religion walk hand in hand. They don't.

If you want to get what you're dreaming of, by all means, put that thought at the front of your mind and WORK to achieve it. That is how you make shit happen. You can't sit there and wish. It doesn't work like that. 

What do you want? Write it all down. Then figure out what you need to DO to get closer to that goal. You may not achieve what you want immediately... but if you keep pursuing the path to that goal, it will happen. 

Want to better results? Pick 3 goals for the next three months. Goals that will move your business forward. Then decide what steps you need to take to make those things happen. 

Yes, there is always a bit of luck with business BUT there is a whole lot of STRATEGY that no one really wants to pay attention to. You need to pay attention to what your business analytics are telling you and then move forward with a plan that COMPOUNDS your successes. That's how you manifest the success you want. It's about deciding what you want and then working for it.