Where You Either Get In The Game Or GTFO


I don't "try" - I do.
I don't follow the rules.
I don't do superficial. 
I don't do excuses.

For years as I have been building my design business and now this business I've always been relentless in building a better business for my clients. 

During that time I have worked weekends, late nights and had insomnia over my obsession with my business. I won't fail. There's no other option.

When I need to get shit done, I do. I don't "try" to get my blogging done after working with my clients and let it just become an afterthought all the while shrugging my shoulders. There is no trying. It's doing.

Years ago when I thought I might have breast cancer I started planning for my death. I planned on the letters I would write to my daughter that she could open as she was growing up when I wouldn't be there. 

I also shook my head in disgust at all the time I wasted. Time wasted reliving my shitty childhood. Time wasted feeling not good enough. Time wasted working with clients who took advantage of me. Time wasted not doing what I really wanted to be doing. Time wasted that I chose to play by their rules that got me mediocrity. Disgusted at that legacy I was going to leave.

All during that time I just wanted someone to pet my head, tell me it was gonna be okay and hand me the magic wand to create the life I wanted. You want that wand too. You can use mine. 

It's called WORK.

There are no free rides. There's work. There isn't a magic formula to getting rich. It's called work. There isn't a magic formula to getting clients. It's called work. There's not a magic formula to any of it. It's all work.

If you want to be like so many designers who businesses fail in the first two years, join the minimal effort crowd. Minimal effort is what this society is all about and I'm NOT. 

We don't do minimal effort. It's balls to the wall. ALL.THE.TIME. 

Minimal effort in your design business gives you jack shit. Minimal effort gets you one fancy outfit that you can wear to mingle with the other minimal effort designers at that next networking event. 

Minimal effort is the person who can't be bothered to commit to the work. It's the person who bitches about why this, that and the other thing in going wrong in their business. While they waste time not figuring out how to help themselves.

Minimal effort is the designer who wants to use someone else's contract because they won't hire a lawyer or buy a book of contracts to protect themselves.

Minimal effort is the designer who crowdsources opinions like they're going out of style instead of hiring someone to help them go from 0 to 100.

All because they aren't really serious about their business. 

If you're serious about your business, you put in the work. You sell TODAY. Not tomorrow or the next YEAR when everything's perfect.

You don't look for an "affordable" professional all the while you jimmy rig your business together. You make money to hire the professional who can help you get to the next level.

You get the fuck over yourself. Everyone is scared. Even that one over there that seems to have her shit together. They aren't any smarter than you. They don't have some magic beans in their pocket. They aren't a better person. You just need to decide that your balls are bigger than the next guys. 

Stop comparing yourself to some other designer. That designer you're comparing yourself to? She could be broke. But doesn't she have a pretty website? Everything is not as it always seems online.

Stop hanging out with those who pretend they have a real business while they waste their time online chatting as if it was a modern-day sewing circle. They want to pretend to be something they aren't. If you're really busy working, you don't have time to fuck around online in a sewing circle. 

Forget the cheap ass rates other designers are charging. Who cares what they're doing? They could be out of business in a year. Maybe they have other income streams. Maybe that's good enough for them. Besides, it's not like there's a limit on money. Go out there and charge what you're really worth. 

Stop thinking that it's someone else's job to educate clients on what you really do. YOU do that. That's your fucking job. Do you want respect? Go out there and get it for yourself. Don't expect some design society to do it for you. 

In this community...

We don't worry what the competition is charging.

We love our clients and we don't talk shit about them behind their backs.

We go the extra mile every time.

We strive to be way fucking better than yesterday. 

We hold ourselvesf to a higher standard. 

We aren't the askholes. 

We don't get caught up in the decorator vs. designer argument. This is about building successful business empires. If you wanna get into that argument, you can GTFO right now. 

We do the work they won't do. 

We learn from our mistakes and learn.

We don't want to be coddled because we can do for ourselves.

We invest in ourselves, personally and professionally. 

We aren't afraid to learn how to do new things.

We work long hours. We get up early, we work after the kids go to bed, we work weekends. 

We go harder and longer than the rest because we're in it to win it. 

We will work the extra hours because a) we LOVE our business and b) winners work harder.

Outside of this community...

They won't create a successful business.

They will be that same person you see still in that online group , two years later, still wondering if they can really make money doing design. 

They will be the person who blames the economy on their lack of success.

They will the person who creates an excuse at every turn. 

They will be the person who blames mommy, daddy, that bastard of an ex-husband, God and whoever else. Instead of looking themselves squarely in the eye to see that they are the one to blame. 

Everyone has the same opportunity. Not everyone has the same work ethic.

If you're serious about growing your design business, commit to it. Put in the work. Make it happen. Stop wishin' and make shit happen. 


p.s. if you're committed to doing the work, I am committed to helping you make your dreams happen and build a design business where you get unapologetic, get smarter with your online marketing and attract the clients who want what you have.

You're more interested in creating drop dead gorgeous interiors than you are into big, poufy hair and fake smiles. The design community you've encountered so far? Not really your taste. If you're looking for serious, business-minded designers who don't take any shit, The Society is the hot spot you're looking for.

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