Where Can I Find A Business Coach That Doesn't Live In A Ghetto?

Maybe ghetto is a stretch, but I found out this fabulous guru is running their "empire" from a place I wouldn't be caught driving through, day or night.

where can i find a business coach

Remember that scene in Pulp Fiction where Vince goes to get drugs from Lance at the house? The dude in the bathrobe who has the wife Trudi, "the one with all the shit in her face"?

Basically, that is the kind of place is where this "coach" is running their "empire" and teaching people how to be a bazillionaire. 

I have hired a lot of coaches and spent a fucking lot. Like I could have bought a luxury vehicle with all that dinero. 

I have always aimed to work with people who are where I want to go next with my business. And I always thought I was doing my due diligence researching coaches.

Apparently, I totally misjudged this one. Or maybe they had a total change in fortunes which makes me question everything they told me.

So "Where Can I Find A Business Coach," you ask? I'm going give you some no-bullshit tips.

Tip #1: Research The "Fans"

Read their reviews and then research the clients.

There are fangirls and fanboys of certain coaches. You may see 88 reviews all over the mentor's website and social media. They may be reviews from 1975. They may be bullshit reviews of people who never actually worked with the mentor 1-on-1 but the person has a big ass crush on the mentor. It happens. Or....

Their clients never get any results. And this may not be because the coach sucks because we certainly can't make you do a damn thing, but you do want to see that the coach has some success with their clients.

Tip #2: Ask Them How They Run Their Business

I'm not suggesting you ask to see their bank ledger. I want you to find out how they run their business. If they are doing a lot of cold calling, work long hours or travel a lot they will probably teach you how to do similar things. Find a mentor who is running a business how you want to run yours.

Tip #4: Go Way Back

Research what their website looked like in the past. We all know that I have had a few different brand identities, but I've been helping entrepreneurs for years now so don't let the look trip you up. Look for significant changes. If only last year you find out they were broke and on food stamps and now they are selling some silly ass story of how they are a millionaire you can pretty much call bullshit on that.

Tip #5: Ask Your Entrepreneur Friends

Your entrepreneur friend may not have worked with this business coach, but they probably have heard of this person or know someone who has worked with them. See what the scuttlebutt is on them. Or just straight out ask them: where can I find a business coach and see what they say. We all know and see so many things that they may have the perfect match to share with you if you only ask!

Tip #6: Get The Newsletter

Sign up for their newsletter and click on the address at the bottom. The one you're legally required to put. It may go to a PO box (like mine), but if it leads you to a ghetto address you have gotten your answer rather quickly.

Tip #7: Get Their Schedule

Make sure they are going out of town on some extended Paris vacation. You will feel disconnected and by the time they get back in town you will be out of the mood.

Tip #8: How Do They Coach?

Some high-end coaches will sell you an online course and the only coaching you get with the program is the follow-up call where they will answer your questions about the online course. Seriously. This happens.

You want a coach that is hand's on and will share with you HOW to do the stuff to take your business to the next level. Not some fucker who wants to either be your Lifeline call once a month or a yammering dipshit who has a thousand platitudes.

Tip #9: Do They Share Their Fuck Ups?

Every entrepreneur has a few tales about mistakes they have made and learned many lessons. If your next guru is perfect and their shit doesn't stink or they are sharing the same "fuck up" story for 10 years ago, move on. Entrepreneurs make at least one mistake a year that sticks in their mind. Small or big, ignore the coach that is holding on to their glory fuck up from 2003.

Tip #10: Automated Webinars

Run as fast as you can if you get stuck in some automated sales funnel. You know the kind. The fake webinar plays and you're supposed to believe it's live. And then for the next 7 minutes, you have the opportunity of a lifetime to schedule a time to speak with the guru's assistant to find out if you're worthy enough to speak to the guru. If you're spending thousands of dollars to work with someone get on the phone with them, not their assistant.

When you wake up one morning wondering where can I find a business coach know that it will require you to do some work.

You may feel that you need to grill your next business coach like you're on a court TV drama. You're not Judge Judy and don't need to give every coach the side eye. In fact, you could turn them the fuck off.

Stalk them for a bit, see what they are up to, check out what they put out there. More often than not, hiring your next business coach will come down to trusting your intuition.

The Last Thing On 'Where Can I Find A Business Coach?'

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Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.