When Your Competition Is Actually Full Of Shit


The world is a really small place. Especially when you're traveling on the highways of the interwebs. So as an entrepreneur, you're going to encounter your "competition" at some point online. 

(pssst... I really don't believe you have any competition, but we will frame this as someone who is selling in the same "space" as you are.) 

So this person catches your eye and you start watching them. Which is a good point to remember for yourself, way more people may be watching what you do in your business than you think.

Back to this person... it seems like they came like from outer space. Like, you've never heard of them before and POW! Here they are ready to beat the pants off of you in your business. 

They'll tell bullshit stories to the masses who are desperate for the snake oil this person is selling. Which will make you want to vomit and punch them in their virtual head.

They will position their business where they show the world that they are living a vacation lifestyle, sipping on their champagne and clutching their Hermès bag. They will tell the world how fabulous they are by pitching the world a shit sandwich.

They will also tell stories in the business communities of how easily they make a hundred thousand dollars while they only work a few hours a day. 


Then you remember it was only last month when they were claiming that their business was struggling, they can't manage their money and have a large overdue tax bill all the while they talk shit constantly about their clients.

You sit there shaking your head wondering how anyone is buying this big steaming pile of bullshit.

They're just a #Shitprenuer

It doesn't matter what they sell. Seriously. It happens in every industry and while I wish we could ban these fucking shitprenuers to some Purgatory Island where they could sell bullshit to each other all day, that's not gonna happen. #bummer

I know it makes it even harder for you to sell yourself when you see these con artists out there claiming to be the next coming of Christ while you're working hard to make a honest living.

There is a silver lining. Promise.

People can smell shit a mile away.

I've hired some of these fuckers, lost my hard earned money because their expertise was based on regurgitation of another course they took or couldn't answer a question without looking like a deer caught in the headlights. 

I've had clients hire me after they wasted their hard earned money on these dicks. My clients tell me that they are relieved to know that not everyone is a shady entrepreneur. Take solace in that but know it means you need to be more visible and not hide behind a logo and a website. If they know you're not going anywhere, they get to know you they will trust you.

The shitprenuers can follow formulas, buy templates and scripts, copy logos, copy a website's look, steal taglines 24/7. But, they are not originators. They aren't authentic. They are just playing a part.

They have no fucking clue who they really are and are desperate to make money. With that desperation, they'll get found out and go out of business.

I've seen many of them go out of business and there are some others that I'm eagerly waiting for their death rattle.  

Don't let their bullshit mess with your hustle.

You don't need to feel like a fraud because you're trying to make your life match up to their make-believe businesses.

If you can show up online as a genuine person, one who isn't just interested in making a quick buck, you will be successful.

Success comes from hard work and being real. Not some fancy degree or certification. Not from a special swipe file. Not from pretty social media images. Not from portraying some perfect person.

Put in the time and effort it really takes to run a successful business. There's no shortcut and while success doesn't come overnight, know that you'll be laughing your ass off when they eventually get found out as the losers that they really are.