What My iTunes Taught Me About Business

What My iTunes Taught Me About Business (1).png

Remember CDs? I had tons. So many that I had one of those visors in my old truck that would hold my CDs so I could pop them into my player as I went down the road.

Then one day I had to slam on my breaks because of some a-hole. That's when the shit load of CDs hit me one the head. 

Fast forward to the "future". I ripped those CDs to my computer. Mix CDs and the rest.

Now I have a game I play. I just hit "play" on my iTunes and listen to the music being played. I've been deleting songs left and right. 

Maybe it was the hoarder in me from years ago that wanted to hold onto music I paid for on a CD. Usually, I only bought the CD for a couple songs. 

Now as I listen to the music and some shit song plays from Barenaked Ladies I delete it. I don't need it. I don't like the song and if at some time my mind changes, I will repurchase the one song that I do love. However, I'm pretty sure I will never be buying any more Barenaked Ladies. (That perhaps may be the strangest sentence I have ever written).

How does this tie into business? The entrepreneur journey will undoubtedly expose you to tons of advice. Some advice comes from the newbie guru who is just regurgitating something they heard but never put into practice.

Some advice will come from someone who had put a few years into their business and has tried a shit ton of strategies. They will be able to shave time off your path to success.

Some advice fits in neither category. You could be inspired by listening to Jimmy Page talk about how the creative process behind the writing Stairway To Heaven

Be ruthless about what advice you use. Just because you've invested into a guru/a course/ or a shitty song from the Barenaked ladies it doesn't mean you're married to it.