What George Michael Can Teach You About Business


He was my first crush. His โ€œFaithโ€ album was the very first cassette (and then CD) I owned. 

George Michael can teach you about how to show up in your business, win fans for life and unapologetically live the life of your purpose.

#1 Be Unapologetic

You'll make mistakes. And usually you'll make the mistakes when you're on your way to being the most honest version of yourself. When you do make a mistake, acknowledge the mistake and make a plan to move forward. 

What was so great about George Michael was that you could sense his truth in his music and in his interviews. He came to a point in his career that he wasn't going to hide who he was, what he believed in and lived his life as a flawed human. Just like the rest of us.

#2 Let Go Of The Ego

"I wanted to be loved," said Michael of his start career. "It was an ego satisfaction thing." - George Michael

I think we all start our careers out wanting to be loved and to be something to everyone. We play a role, get attention and think we're on the right path. And then you get the wake up call that there's more to it than satisfying your ego. 

Don't ever start a business or continue to grow one pretending to be someone else. The world can spot a poser from miles away.

#3 It's Okay To Say Eff-You

Make waves and call out the shit you think is wrong. Don't worry about ruffling feathers. There's no time (or point) in pussyfooting your way through this life. 

Some of his songs were about fun and sometimes they were a big F-U. When scandal showed up as he was unapologetic about it. He was who he was and if you had a problem with it, it was precisely that, your problem.

#4 Show Up Even If You Don't Wanna

George struggled with depression and at times he had the luxury to hide, then there were times I'm sure that he really didn't want to get out of bed and show up. 

We all have those times where we're over it and depressed, but you're going to have to show up even if you don't wanna. And sometimes showing up is the perfect medicine to overcoming the "I don't wanna" blues.

#5 Share Your Gift

We wouldn't be talking about this man if he hadn't shared his gift with us. He didn't ask permission to share it. He didn't think that it wasn't worthy of sharing. He shared it and it was what we needed. 

Could you imagine a world without his songs in it? I can't. So share your gifts with the world. Please.

His legacy to all of us is to be uncompromising in your beliefs, be who you are boldly, and share your gift with the world, always.