What College Taught Me About Business


What did college teach me about business?


College didn't teach me how to make money. It taught me how to be an employee.

College didn't teach me how to communicate. It taught me how to regurgitate.

College didn't teach me how to close the deal. It taught me how to wait for a response.

College didn't teach me how to take risks. It taught me how to color within the lines.

College didn't teach me how to accept failure. It taught me to how to succeed if I played by the rules.

College didn't teach me how to think outside of the box. It taught me how to be like everyone else.

College didn't tell me that I could do it my own way. It taught me that being an employee was the safe route always.

College didn't allow me to be myself. One of my teachers tried to turn the class against my idea. 

College is great if you need to learn a skill. But college isn't the only path. You can have natural talent and desire to learn. If there is will, there is a way but the only way doesn't always equate with college.

If you feel you need to go to college for whatever reason, please take the time to find out what happens after college. What job will you be qualified for? Is that the first step on the path to where you want to go? 

Buying a degree doesn't equal success. It costs a lot to buy a degree. A degree will not give you talent. A degree will not give you discipline. A degree will not give you direction. A degree will not give you fulfillment. 

Before you choose to go after a degree, take the time to figure out if that is the only way to go and will you get your money back? Will your time be spent wisely? Will you be able to reach the goals you have right now? And why do you really want the degree?

When you die, will that degree matter? Maybe not. You should be looking at how you can change the world. A degree will not do that.

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