5-Minute Website Changes To Increase Sales You Can Do Today


Website changes to increase sales that you can do in only 5-minutes? Sounds like a pipe dream, but it isn't. You can make some small changes and start seeing results quickly. 

Make Your Website Fast. If your website is slower than molasses, people will leave it. Go run your website through one of those page speed tools like this one Mr. Google made for you. You'll see how you can improve your website speed by discovering that you have some large image files that need some optimizing

1. Add Client's Testimonials. Get those happy client testimonials up on your website lickety-split. It's social proof that shows your prospects that you're legit and not some shitprenuer.

2. Optimize a page or old blog post. Go through your analytics and see what your most popular content is and improve it with a goal in mind. Maybe it's to grow your list or get a sale. 

3. Improve a title. Maybe no one is reading your blog posts or buying your stuff because your blog post titles are boring as fuck. Try using a tool like this.

4. Link to another page or post. Guide your visitors to your other content that is related. This will help decrease your bounce rate and keep them happy that you thought about them. Ahhh, aren't you a peach?

5. Update your about page. When was the last time you updated your about page? Is it out of date? Does it speak about your client or is it like reading a biography all about you. 

6. Add an image. You can add an image to a page of your website, or an older blog post so it can get pinned by your fans. 

7. Fix typos. We all have typos on our websites. Oh, you don't? Then go through and see how you can re-word headlines or content so it's more engaging.


A Few 5-Minute Website Changes To Increase Sales A Day Keeps The Money Rolling In

8. Add a CTA. Every page and blog post should have a call to action. Go through and tell your peep what you want them to do next once they finish consuming your stuff.

9. Scarcity sells. Don't make it false scarcity (like I only have one of these widgets left and sell 4 next week). Sales do increase when people have to act. Make them act by adding in a wee bit of scarcity.

10. Move your opt-in offer. Test how your opt-in conversion rate changes by moving it on the pages of your website. And make sure it's on EVERY page of your website, too.

11. Play with formatting. Try bolding some text, making paragraphs shorter, centering text or even adding in bulleted lists. 

12. Sign up for your email list. Make sure it works correctly and that it's up to date.

13. Add a Chat button. Schedule time each day to turn on your website chat and answer your peeps questions.

14. Have a mobile website. I'm not sure how this is still possible, but you need to make sure your website is optimized for mobile. Look at it on your phone. Have a friend do the same. 

With all of these website changes to increase sales, you need to make sure you measure your results.

If you don't know how well something was performing before you made the website changes, you'll never know what specifically worked for you when you get more sales.