Why People F*cking Hate Your Website


If your website bounce rate is higher than Willie Nelson in his tour bus, you need to fix that. A lot of times people visit your site and leave. You have no reason why because it's not like you have a survey on your website asking:

"Pardon me fine lady, why are you leaving my website? Doesn't it turn you on?"

If we had access to that feedback we'd be able to fix the things about our websites that turn people off.

Instead it seems like it is a guessing game to figure out what the visitor wants and how to give them what they really, really want.

Here's the good news, to find out what they really, really want isn't that hard. And I'm sure you've heard it a bunch of times, it is just a matter of listening and doing it.

My bounce rate for months was at 67%. Ouch. That means 67% of the people who visited my site essentially said:

"Fuck this shit. Laters."

The bounce rate (A bounce rate is the number of people who visit a site and leave right away. They are browsing your site, they just check it out and leave) told me that people got to my site, didn't like what was going on and got the Hell out of Dodge. If that's happening on your site, too that's way no bueno. We need people to stick around on our sites so we can build trust and relationships. These are our little homes on the web and if people are just leaving because they virtually smell of stinky socks and farts, we've got to freshen it up.

How I improved my website bounce rate from 67% down to 1.03%

My home page had blog posts right there, front and center. I moved them down the page and added a text area at the top that spoke directly to my dream clients. Telling them I know who they are and why they are here. Reassuring them they are in the right spot for help with their interior design business.

The second change I made was to remove the pop-up email list form plugin I was doing it as an experiment and I got my answer. Designers don't like that shit. At all. And worse, on some mobile devices peeps could close the pop up.

Tips To Make People Jizz Over Your Website

  1. Make it clear what you do and who you do it for on your home page. Don't be confusing people.

  2. Get rid of the pop up? You should try this and see if it works for you. Some people have great success with it and some people like, *cough* me *cough* didn't have great success.

  3. Increase your font size. If the font you use is too small or too light to read, make it bigger and darker... I'm sure their is a porn joke in that some where.

  4. Get responsive. As in a mobile responsive website. Try this, go check out your website on your phone. If you have to scroll to read your website, it isn't responsive. And more people are checking out your website on their mobile devices, so that's an important thing to fix sooner than later.

  5. Don't get suicidal and obsessive over your bounce rate. Google says that the average website bounce rate is 40%. Work on just being awesome like you already are, write to your dream clients, make your blog posts something your clients want to read.

There will be more bounce to the ounce when you lower your bounce rate.