3 Ways To Accelerate Your Interior Design Business Growth


It seems like we all want to grow our businesses super fast. We live in a world where we can get a lot of things same day or overnight and we wish we could have the same in our business. 

Time seems to go really slow when you're growing your interior design business. And we always seem to look at others and when we find people who have success (or appear to have success) we want what they have.


Growing a business is something that takes lots of self-education. Your journey of growth is to continue your education. While as a designer you'll want to stay on top of trends and what's going on in the industry, you also need to stay on top of growing your business. 

There are business trends that change, and core business strategies that are always in style. The thing is that not every strategy or tactic will work in your business. You won't know what works though without giving strategies a fair shake. 

I've found the best way to learn new strategies to try in my business is from reading books of successful people in other industries. There is always something to learn from people who have a different business that you can adapt to your business. 

The interior design industry, for so long, has really operated in one way. Right now we have a huge opportunity to do new things that will allow you to work less and make more. 

Hire a Coach

While not every coach that I have hired has been stellar, I have usually learned something new from most of them. I used to be reckless when it came to hiring a coach being sucked in by their brilliant copy and thinking that they were as awesome as their copy was. 

Instead, I've become more strategic in actually now studying their businesses and social media profiles. For instance, if they say they are a Facebook expert and have no interaction on their Facebook page - I won't hire them. If they say they are an Instagram expert and they give me the sleazy heebie-jeebies, I don't hire them. If I get on a complimentary call and they are rude, I don't hire them.

I also have stopped hiring coaches that say they can help with all aspects of business. Usually, they are master of a few areas, not all of them. Make sure that you like them as a person first, then that you like what they are doing in their business and then decide if they can help you or will just be a sounding board to reflect back to you what you want to hear.

Join A Mastermind

I have been a part of many Masterminds. Some are super shitty where you never even get a glimpse of the person leading it. Some are just the trendy place to be but filled with fluff. Some are stagnant and there's a rehash of things you've seen all of the place. Some share strategies they have never tried (or tried years ago and are giving you old information). Or the masterminds are filled with people who just want to sell to the other participants of the group.

In the Society, we have a private group where interior designers and creatives can connect, ask questions of each other and answer questions. 

Every month I create a new video training for Society members sharing something that I've learned that will help you with your business. My goal is to help you learn a new skill that you can master and use it to grow your business.

And each month after a training is done, it's put into the Vault. The Vault is the spot for our Society members to get access to on-demand training for the specific areas of their business.

Also, a great mastermind allows you to get access to the organizer. Every month we have a group coaching call where all the members can hop on a call with me once a month and ask me a question about their design business. These calls are recorded and stored in our member's area so everyone can watch them later and gain valuable insights and strategies to use in their business. 

I'm cordially inviting you to join us in the Society. If you want to grow your design business, one of the fastest ways to grow your business is to be a part of a group of creative entrepreneurs who are building their empires. Join us!