10 Ridiculously Useful Blogging Tips Every Interior Designer Should Know

interior design blogging tips

Blogging is super important to grow your interior design business, but you knew that right? Today I want to share with you 10 blogging tips to help you grow your interior design blog.

1. Don't Forget The End

At the end of every blog post make sure you give your reader something to check out. Either add a form to sign up for your newsletter. Even better is adding a "content upgrade" at the end of your post. It's bonus content that is specific to your blog post topic that your reader can only get by signing up for your email list. This could be a checklist or list of tips. At the end of this post, you'll see mine (hint, hint)!

2. Create A Calendar

Making sure that you have an editorial calendar for what you're going to write about keeps your design blog updated and you from being scattered brained about what to write about next. Also it allows you to let readers know to come back for your next post about "x".

3. Batch Write Blog Posts

I make it a point to set aside a day to write my blog posts. Then I scheduled them and make the graphics for them after I'm done writing. This takes the stress out of trying to meet a weekly deadline.

4. Name Your Blog Pictures

Properly naming the files of the pictures you use in your blog helps you to get your blog found in search engines.

5. Link To Other Blog Posts

If your readers are digging your blog post, make sure you link to other blog posts that relate to your topic. That way your readers may stay on your website even longer.

6. Promote Your Posts

Don't forget to share your posts on social media more than once. Give others an opportunity to see your posts, once isn't enough. It'd be a good idea to add a board to your Pinterest account just for your blog posts.

7. Create A Blog Image That Is Gorg For Pinterest

Take some time and study those Pins that get repinned a lot. Some of it has to do with the headline and some of it has to do with the picture.

8. Write A Ridiculously Awesome Title For Each Post

A fab headline plays a big part in getting someone to read your blog post. It's the first taste and if that's bland, they aren't going to take the second bit and read your post.

9. Write Blog Posts That People Love

Like, duh. To clarify I mean write How To posts. List posts. Tips posts. Tricks posts. People like to learn, so help them learn more by sharing some great advice.

10. Break Up Your Posts

I sometimes get wordy and write really long blog posts. And really long blog posts are something you should absolutely have on your website. But you still need to break up your blog posts with sub-headlines and keep your paragraphs to a few sentences.