Signs You Have An Upper Limit Problem + How To Kick It In The Balls


I don't think I have met a creativepreneur yet that doesn't have an upper limit problem. 

Upper limit problem, wha---?

Don't play with me. You know what I'm talking about. 

In the book by Gay Hendricks "The Big Leap", he talks about how we sabotage ourselves when it comes to success. 

It's like you've got this little fucker inside you that says:

"Danger! We're getting very close to achieving something super awesome. We must hit the brakes!"

You get stuck at a certain level and moving past it seems impossible. And so then you sit there all pissy wondering why Miss Thang over there is kicking ass on multiple levels and you're stuck in the same life you've had for the past year.

Signs You Have Upper Limit Problem

  • You're are starting on a new path of something really important that you know you need to do and you get sick.

  • You give up on completing a project when it's 94% done.

  • You create new offerings all the time instead of marketing what you already have.

  • You invest in multiple bullshit courses that you deep down know you don't need, but when it comes to investing in expensive software? Well, that shit can wait until you have enough money.

  • And your income? It's been stuck at the same amount for a year.

Sometimes you'll not even notice that it has happened until it's been weeks that you've been obsessed with someone else kicking ass while you've been stagnating like the algae on the fish tank walls.

My upper limit problem came at the beginning of this year. I'm a pretty healthy person, never catching the sicknesses my daughter brings home from the petri dish we call the school.

But now was the perfect time to catch it. I am moving into a new space for myself. A space of complete freedom that I am allowing myself to explore in my business. I'm expanding my offerings to creative entrepreneurs. I'm pulling back the curtain on the more holistic and spiritual things that I use in my own business.

So of course, I got sick.

Why wouldn't I? I've been at this spot before and ran away practically peeing myself from the fear and assuming that because it was uncomfortable meant that I wasn't supposed to be moving in this direction.

But when I ran away from it I got myself stuck in a sucky year where my income stagnated. I was totally unhappy and unmotivated to do a damn thing for my business. I was terrified to show up. And I wasn't taking care of myself.  

Internally I couldn't let myself even fathom the thought that this could be successful so instead of seeing what was in store, I internally allowed myself to get sick so I could go back to the land of comfort. 

But this time, I wasn't having any part of it. While I couldn't work as much as I wanted because I was physically run down, my mind reminded me that I had a choice. A choice to Netflix and recoup or to go after what I knew I really wanted. 

And my cold? Disappeared rather quickly once I chose to continue on the path I knew I had to walk.

How To Kick Your Upper Limit Problem In The Nuts

  1. Acknowledge your truth. Take the time to figure out why you're uncomfortable with growth. What's the worst possible thing that could happen? What's the best possible thing that could happen? You get to choose which one you'd really like to experience and act as if it's already happening.

  2. You deserve more. Maybe you're unwittingly trying to stay within a limit. Maybe you don't want to earn more than your parents or your spouse. Maybe you are playing a tape on repeat about how you don't deserve more and you should be grateful for whatever you have. You are worth more than you can even imagine. Don't let guilt keep you from growing.

  3. Know you can handle the "more". You earn more you will have to pay more taxes. You get more clients, you might have to hire more staff. The more you grow, the more stuff that goes along with it. You can handle it and you don't have to figure it all out right now.

  4. Stop doing dumb shit. Like spending hours on a sales funnel or creating the perfect little graphic. Focus on your top 3 goals every day and slay those. Business doesn't have to be overcomplicated and if you are overcomplicating it, you're choosing to delay your own success.

  5. Tap that shit out. Tapping is amazing even though you might think it's complete bullshit the first time you hear about it. I first used the technique in therapy and it worked wonders. You can Google videos on how to do tapping and even check out the book "Tapping Into Wealth" by Margaret M. Lynch if your income level is stuck.

Your upper limit problem will likely never go away because you're always going to be on a path of growth. Having the tools to help you as you grow allows you to recognize it sooner and kick it in the nuts that much quicker.