The 5 Words That Changed My Life

this-is-wisdom (1).png

When the words flowed from my pen to the notebook I had no idea how valuable they would be. Those five priceless words came out of nowhere. It was the miracle I was expecting.

And in that instant I just knew I had just come one step closer to living the life I’m supposed to.

Three years earlier I experienced my third major setback of my life when I said “Fuck It” to my design business.

I had let some anonymous asshole steal my dream with their hateful words about my abilities. Not really - I gave it to them in a box drenched in my tears by giving up.

I started my design business with a dream to create beautiful spaces for people who appreciated me.

Instead, I was drowning in a sea of unknowing. I didn't really know who I wanted to work with. I didn't know how to reach them. I didn't know how to market myself. I didn't know how to talk to them. I didn't know how to be myself online - which led to more than one anonymous asshole chiseling away at my crumbling confidence.

I threw money at people to help me with my business.

People who knew less than I did - simply because I didn't think I could figure out anything to grow my business. 

Between the dark clouds and dwindling bank account I saw glimmers of hope like sunlight dancing on the waves in the ocean. 

I was working with dream clients that felt like long lost friends. And behind the scenes I was getting messages from designers asking for help with their businesses. I hoped by helping them get further along in their journey that I'd find that person I needed to help me.

And that someone never came. And they never will. That someone does not exist. 

As I sat in the green lawn chair in the garage, writing the words that have changed my outlook on everything, I realized the person I’ve been looking for is me. 

I wished that I had realized sooner that there is no magic formula. There is no business savior. There’s no leprechaun hiding in a dark alley ready to hand you a pot of gold like a dirty drug dealer. There’s just you and your dream.

It’s been three years since I gave up on my design business over the careless words from a shitty human being. It is something I've regretted some in that I didn’t rise to that challenge. 

When I picked myself up, I followed the breadcrumbs that led me to creating Iron & Magnolia (instead of keeping my gift as a secret menu item).

It’s never been about me.

Those are the five words that have changed my life. The anonymous a-hole? That was about her. Those other two set backs weren't about me, either.

Your gift isn't just the ability to see a completed space in your mind’s eye and then execute it. It’s about sharing yourself with us completely with no apologies. Relationships, business and personal, are about being able to share your heart. And I know that’s not always easy.