There's enough to go around


Attention Designers: There is enough interior design work to go around.

I can not be the the only designer out there who has noticed the scarcity mindset that a certain group of designers have.

It is rooted in this dumb idea that there isn't enough interior design work to go around.

Back off, Bi-otch! That's my money you be eyeballin', so you best be moving yourself to another corner.


First, let me tell you there is indeed enough interior design work for everybody. There are plenty of client's out there who will pay a designer. Yes, they exist.

Second, when you come from the place where you can't collaborate with another designer because you are afraid they make take a non-existent potential pie in the sky dream job away from you that doesn't even exist, you look like a fool.

Third, even if they did "steal" a client who you thought was yours, you can't steal something you never really had. (And that client wasn't your ideal client, anyway.)

It happens in every field, but really it is a big sad problem in the design field.

There is enough interior design work to go around; once you let go of the silly notion that everyone's trying to take something from you.

Designers don't want to let other designer's guest post on their blog for fear they will take away a potential job.

Designers don't want to tell other designer's about tools that worked for them for fear another designer will get a leg up.

Designers don't want to promote each other because they need to be the "Design Star".

I don't hear my favorite singer getting mad because I also buy another singer's music.

If I want to buy a Whirlpool dishwasher and you want to buy a Bosch, it's all good. I don't think Whirlpool gets bent because Lowe's shows both dishwashers in their store.

I don't hear BMW calling the Waaahmbulance because some other company made a car that has four wheels just like theirs.

Listen to me. It's about you and your brand. If you make your brand irresistible, and you know who your target market is, you are golden. (And believe me you will be irresistible to someone.)

And you will repel someone else.

Not everyone is your dream client and you can't come from a scarcity mindset because you aren't going to attract who you want to.

I'm going to help you find your ideal client. And when you figure it out... the heaven's will open and you will break free from this limiting mindset! Really.

And maybe we can all be a better friend to our fellow designers and help them get work, too.