The Best Social Media Advice No One Ever Gave Me

social media advice

I got the best social media advice that no one ever gave me.

icture it. It's a sunny day in San Diego. Just outside my hotel is this bum with nothing on but his dirty drawers and a blanket twisted around his feet. He's screaming a bunch of nonsense as he lunges at the other people on their way to this social media conference.

If he had a ticket, a pair of pants and could control his crack rants, he could have also attended this conference. But if he was like me, he wouldn't have learned a damn thing from the "experts". 

I'm sitting there at this workshop about the future of blogging, totally ready to hear the future. You see if I get the dish on the future of blogging I can know whether writing to you all the time is really worth our time. I mean why would I want to continue doing something if the future is pointing to a slow death?

I settle in, sitting on the most uncomfortable chair that is cutting off the circulation to my legs because THIS is going to be EPIC!  

The workshop gets started and within 15 minutes I'm ready to bail.

What I was hearing was not going to increase my income or take my business to the next level. It had to get better, right? I seriously didn't just spend thousands of dollars to hear this, did I?

But before I tell you what I heard let me tell you that I'm sitting there wondering if someone replaced my brain in the middle of the night with one from a genius? Or did I have a stroke and lost my ability to figure out why this information was epic to some of the attendees? Maybe I wasn't getting it because the circulation to my legs was cutting off the blood flow to my brain. I was seriously confused. Anyway...

Here's The BIG, DUMB, Totally Duh Thought On Where Social Media Is Going

Your blog, the message you share with the world via your website and on the social media platforms (aka mini-blogging platforms) is going the same way it always has been going: Create content that allows people to know, like and trust you. That's it.

This workshop could have been presented 10 or 20 years ago.

And this is why we struggle with social media and creating content. We're looking for a shortcut or a new strategy that will give us a big ROI so we can finally justify why we waste so much time on social media with little to show for it.

Because I love you, I am going to give you the best damn advice for free that no one ever gave me.

Stop Regurgitating Shit + Create Social Media Content That Matters

What we have now is a bunch of regurgitators. We need people who come up with ideas and think outside of the box instead of being regurgitators that say what the other guy just said.

Don, Peggy or I can tell you HOW or WHAT to use to get your message out there but it doesn't matter if your message sucks or you don't have a message.

THAT right there is what everyone needs to know for their own business. WHY are you doing what you're doing? WHY should anyone give a shit? WHY would anyone pay YOU money for it? You will always have a shitty social media strategy if you don't know what the hell you and your business stand for because you won't have anything interesting to share in the first place.

No one will do business with you until they know, like and trust you so it stands to reason that if you come up with another tired rehash of some topic that has been done a million times over you won't get noticed online, EVER. People smell boring and copy-cat shit a mile away.

Challenge yourself to take your ass offline for a couple days, get super clear about your message and then share it. You can cut through the noise like a knife if you have sharpened your message to one that is authentic to you. And only you.

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.