How To Sell Your Digital Designs + Expertise

quick guide to selling digital

You don't have to sell digital design products, but I think you're gonna want to. See, I know that you can create paint color palettes that could be used in every home. That's just one idea, but I know you can put on your thinking cap and think of other ideas. Does this sounds like something you'd like to do to pad your bottom line? Alrighty then, keep reading.

1. Create a digital product. An e-book, a course, a look book, etc. It's brilliant and you want to sell it in your sleep. You don't want to have to get up in the morning and email it to everyone who bought it over night, right? You've got other things to do.It isn't too hard to figure out how to do and the possibilities are endless, but it takes knowing the process first before you can get the bells and whistles on your digital empire going. You first need to pick who the players are for taking your money (like PayPal or Stripe), who is going to deliver your product (because PayPal doesn't do that), and if you want to communicate with your clients after the sale with your newsletter (which is another product like MailChimp or aWeber).

2. Get the Benjamins. You have your digital creation that all your raving fans want to download, so next you need a way to get their money. PayPal is going to be the easiest solution to start with. Get yourself a PayPal account and I recommend you link it to your bank account so when you get money in your PayPal account you can then transfer right into your bank account.

3. Delivering the goods. One of the best services I have ever used is SendOwl. You can easily set it up and make downloading your digital goods a snitch. 

4. Slap up a For Sale Sign. Grab yourself a "Buy Now"  copy-paste HTML code from e-Junkie. I'd suggest pasting that code in NotePad for use later and saving it.

5. Build a Sales Page. Now you have to create your sales page. I'll have a post on that coming up, but you can go on the Google and find out the basics to one if you can't wait for my post. Once you get to the part in your sales page where you are presenting the offer you will insert the code you got from PayPal on your page in the HTML area.

6. Start Selling. When a buyer clicks on your SendOwl purchase button you placed on your sales page and reaches the checkout page, that is where they pay you directly via Stripe, PayPal, etc. This is all handled auto-magically and you don't need to even be thinking about the inner workings. Yay because it is so easy!

7. Buyer gets the goods. After payment is completed, SendOwl will provide your buyer with a unique download link automatically.

Now you can be the digital download dynamo you knew you could do all along! If you want to get even more sophisticated you can incorporate your sales with your newsletter service, track the Google Analytics and more.

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.