Taking Payments Online For Interior Design Services


While we live in an amazing time where we can work anywhere in the world and get paid, sometimes taking payments online for interior design services can be hard.

You could do it the hard way by setting up a website and adding a janky PayPal button.

Or you could get yourself a Wordpress website, buy a SSL cert and some other stuff to make it so your website securely protects your clients payment info. 

Or you could simplify your life and sign up for MyDoma. It’s an online collaboration/ mood board creator/ shopping list/ payment taker/ personal product catalog tool that’s better than sliced bread and it’s exclusively for interior design professionals.

Ready to see how Mydoma can help you do this easily?

You can sign up for a free trial at Mydoma and when you're ready to get sign up you can use my special link for a discount code.

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