inbound marketing strategies

3 Powerful Inbound Marketing Strategies For Interior Designers

powerful inbound marketing strategies

Let’s just go over the big picture of getting traffic to your website with this online marketing stuff…

First, you need to have a reason why people want to visit your website. That’s your amazing content aka your blog posts. SEO (search engine optimization) is just creating content that answers the questions people are searching for on a Search Engine like Google.

Without blog posts on your website, you're really leaving a big chunk of money on the table. Why? Practically every prospect is going to google for your help.

They don’t know you exist, aka if you don’t show up when they are looking for a solution that you offer, it will be virtually impossible to land them as a client.

Remember Mrs. Smith?

She’s thinks she wants to learn how to decorate her small dining room. But what if you show up in the search results with your awesome blog post, she reads it and see you know what you're talking about. And then she starts to read your other posts.

You gave her what she wanted when you wrote the blog post about decorating her small dining room. Then once on your website she couldn't help but check out more.

She read your blog posts about how HGTV isn't real. How much work really goes into a project. She read the truth about costs. And so on.

After hanging out on your website for hours reading your expert content, she realizes that if she wants this done right, she needs to work with you.

Second, do you have quality inbound links to your website? Inbound link are links on another quality website that point right back to your website. Inbound links tell Google that you're really legit.

In the old days people would email each other asking to exchange links. “Hey Sally, put a link to my website in your “blogroll” and I’ll do the same”. This isn't the best way to go about it anymore.

Inbound Marketing Strategies for Interior Designers

Here's how you can get inbound links by:

  1. Making sure you've got your RSS feed set up so others can syndicate your blog posts on their websites giving you an inbound link.

  2. Create awesome images for your blog posts and put those up on Pinterest. You're creating inbound links for yourself each and every time.

5 Killer Interior Designer Marketing Strategy Ideas That Work

5 Killer Interior Designer Marketing Strategy Ideas That Work

Marketing is so much more than just scheduling posts on social media. It's about getting out there, having conversations and showing up in a way that your clients will be able to choose you right away because you've taken the time to come up with interior designer marketing strategy that talks directly to them.